Friday, May 09, 2014

Someone's pregnant....

And of course it's not me!

I can't remember spending R80 000 at a certain fertility clinic lately :)

Okay, that's actually not even funny.

On Monday I was working in my study (guys, I'm working HARD!) and Nanny S came to ask me if she could speak to me.

I was about 10 minutes away from finishing up a section (I wrote a new course manual on Monday) so I asked her if it was urgent or if it could wait.

It could wait so I finished up and went to find her.

And she just said, "I'm pregnant".


I was thinking she's resigning, missing her daughter too much so going back to Zim, so the actual news was of a very "mild" nature.

She's 8 weeks along and the baby is due in December.

Husband is happy, daughter (will be 12 in Nov) is not :).

I asked her if it was a secret or if I could tell D (I could tell D). I have asked her to just hold off telling the kids til she's 12 weeks.

Those two are expert interrogators (D says they get it from me!) so I want the pg to be safer before starting with all the questions.


Two things:
  1. apparently, even though I really don't want anymore babies ever, there's a part of me that still gets a little bit hurt when it happens to others easily
  2. I already feel guilty that she has to work.

It's going to be a long 7 months.

D is already asking if she can still do her job properly and I said YES until she says otherwise.

This was so different to how it went with Nanny V!

Hopefully there are no problems with this pregnancy so she can go on maternity leave in November.

I'll have to discuss "after the pregnancy, then what" with her sometime next week.

So what's news in your household?


  1. Not much - counting the days until I can be a full functioning person again

  2. We are in a similar situation and I'm trying not to freak out! The story is the clinic back home issued expired pills! She has 3 daughters already and isn't too pleased but her hubby is ecstatic. I was just thinking I need to ask her series of questions to help me plan even though I've been burying my head in the sand! How long I can keep my head there I really don't know :(

  3. Well at least you have time and she came to you!

    Nothing new here. Slightly dreading Mother's Day but that's all.

  4. Not much new here except playing catch up with everything I've been behind on in home stuff while I've been at school. About to sit down and clean desk and do bills.

    Wow on the pregnancy! I don't want to be pregnant either, but it does seem weird when it can happen so easily to others.

  5. Oh, look at those precious baby lips!!! LOVE!!!

  6. Congrats (to her). At least she gave you plenty of warning.

  7. Not much new here - I am making some changes again - I have been very lazy since Emma was born and my house is very chaotic so I started clearing out again last week - I have black bags waiting for the Grace Factory to collect!

  8. Congrats to her! Hope all goes well and that her pregnancy will be smooth sailing. At least you have LOTS of notice this time around. Nothing new here except that I am struggling to keep up with my emails. Must go through them and unsubscribe and change settings again etc. Otherwise, same old, same old in these parts.

  9. Haha, I laugh because Mrs FF told me about her nanny too, and I have two pregnancies announced in my close circle in the last two weeks. Baby boom? Yes, Julia is right, at least you have lots of notice to plan...
    A few things bubbling under the surface in my house..good things! But will keep MUM until things are more confirmed.

  10. So nice to have been told up front instead of at the last minute like last time. Nothing big here- except planning for Ryan's Make a Wish trip!!

  11. Your babies were so beautiful...and they still are. So glad your nanny gave you so much notice that she is pregnant.


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