Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Suiting up

My fin.ancial services provider invited me to a client feedback session with the fund managers talking about the economy, the mandates of the funds, etc, etc.

Really not very interesting unless you're in fin.ancial services OR it's YOUR money.

In this case, both boxes were ticked.

I really didn't want to go because it was far (Br.yanston) but last week when she checked again, I thought actually, I'm getting way too comfortable in my jeans and sweatshirts, so I'll go just to get used to being with big people again.

All suited up, I had the directions ready on my iphone and you guessed it - I STILL GOT LOST.

Today I actually wondered when I will grow up and just get to a place already.

I was listening to music when the iphone lady talked, I thought that meant "take this turn" so off I went.... to Midrand.


Anyway, that little detour cost me some time so I was 15 minutes late but they'd just started with the introductions.


I forgot how much I love this stuff (my days prior to the last job). I also met a lady who was with me at Weigh-Less years ago, and two new people.

And flowers! I never win anything but surprisingly, I was the person at our table to have the sticker under my chair so I got the centrepiece (great idea by the event planners, I thought).

What this taught me...
  • It's good to step out of your comfort zone even if you get lost.
  • Not all people who go to talks like this are boring (hello, ME!) - but the demographic was interesting. Mostly people about 20 years older than I am, although a few others in their 30s too.
  • It's nice to get dressed up occasionally :)
  • I love learning about mo.ney!

And best of all, I didn't get lost coming back home! :)

What did you learn today?


  1. I hope you haven't passed on your getting lost/no sense if direction to any of the kids. I swear it's genetic! Y's brother and his sister have no sense of direction. I was in the US for 3 months and I was giving her directions (she's lived in the same small town for over 10years)

    Hmmmm I need to ponder, not sure I learnt anything new today

    1. Oh yes I learnt that it doesn't pay to worry about things I don't have control over and to just trust that God is working behind the scenes even when I don't think see/feel it

  2. Things are definitely heading towards pear shaped at my secret place. Hopefully there will be a bit of a crisis about this on the 28th to get the necessary attention from upstairs...but I'm not holding my breath about this.

  3. So glad you enjoyed yourself! I suited up today, too (for work meetings)...even wore a dressy jacket and stylish shoes! ;) [And now my feet are not my friends...but such is life when you try to wear something other than flip-flops or tennis shoes. HA!]

    Aside from the pain in my feet, it felt great to get dressed a little more formally.

  4. I also wondered that about getting lost! I actually now think its a self destructive habit because really can I be that silly that I NEVER get it right even with printed directions, GPS and run through the day before.

    I have a Huggies thing at the Sci-bono centre tomorrow and I am leaving early to account for time spent getting lost.

  5. I am good with direction actually. And yes,out of the comfort zone is always good

  6. Thank heavens one cannot get lost in PE even if you try. What did I learn today? I locked my safe keys in the safe...must be getting old.

  7. I learned how to successfully escalate and resolve some technical issues at work. Yes, on a Saturday. I have a developer doing some work over the weekend to resolve an issue and we had more issues. But all resolved for now and it's up and running for us to check on the jobs later. This is why I need a new job. Working on the weekend .... not fun and it takes away from family time.

  8. Today I learned that I have come a long way. I was reading an article about Toni Braxton who believes that God punished her by giving her an autistic boy because she had an abortion a few years ago. I'm not judging her because I've been there but I felt kind of sad for her and relieved for me that I have moved past that way of thinking. Here's someone with LOTS of money, someone who can buy her child all the best therapists and help and she's still in that place. I LOVE that I've moved past that place. It took A LONG time but I'm actually OK. And of course there are on and off days but for the most part I am actually OK.
    So glad you got dress up and play with the big people.


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