Thursday, May 08, 2014

What are you doing for Mother's Day?

So, it's Mother's Day on Sunday and amazingly, we got craftsy on Monday, made cards for my mother and those went in the mail.

With all that reading I did last month, I read three non-fiction books on writing (punctuation, grammar and just general writing) and in one of the books, I learnt that when we say crafty as I would normally do in the first sentence, that's wrong. WRONG! It's supposed to be craftsy which does make a lot of sense. Crafty = oily used car salesman :)

Pilgrim's Rest, April 2012

But more to the point, ME!!!!!

D asked what I wanted for Mother's Day and I said, "new pjs from Mr P". I have new slippers (stokies) from Woolies so I'm sorted there for this year.

My new BFF author, Claire Allan, wrote somewhere on her blog (I'm obsessed so I'm busy reading the entire blog - yes, just a tad obsessed) about how the mothers never quite enjoy their own mother's day.


Champagne Resort, April 2014

I suspect D feels caught in the middle. Maybe because he told me.

So I said, have lunch for me (at home) and then go to your mother in the afternoon with cake and so on. Is that mean?

If we invite her over that'll be 11 - 5 which means I have to be "on" all the time. And I'm definitely not ever going out on Mother's Day - a nightmare with overcrowded, overpriced, bad service restaurants....

Any other bright ideas for us?

What are you doing for Mother's Day? 

PS Remember low expectations = happiness :)


  1. No you are not mean, it sounds like a good idea. And if you need some alone time, he can takes the kids along!

    I avoid going out on days like mothers day though we went out on
    Easter and it wasn't so bad

    No plans for mothers day, I'm not in a celebratory mood. We had a photoshoot last weekend, so that will have to do

  2. I know "crafty" isn't grammatically correct, but I like that other meaning too :) Craftsy sounds really weird to me! I have no idea what we're doing on Sunday. I'm OK with that.

  3. Your ideas for Mother's Day and mine are very similar. I have asked for a nice warm pair of slippers and a homemade giant piece of rump steak. I don't want to go anywhere, I just want to go to church and spend the rest of the day on the couch with my hubby because he goes back to work on Monday :( I do have a new dessert I am dying to try, so I may surprise them with this in the arvie... I don't have my mom or MIL close to me on this day, so it will just be us xxx

  4. Oh I am so with you about you MIL. i just asked for a quiet relaxed time with the family.

  5. We're getting take out and having a lounge picnic at my folks. Also not keen on facing full to capacity restaurants but none of us feel like cooking.

  6. Cliff is going for a cycle in the morning so I will take the kids to church with me and then I guess we'll be having a very quiet day at home. I'm sure Cliff will buy me something small from the kids.

  7. I have asked for a chocolate and for David to take the kids to the park for an hour and a half (or longer). Really all I want is quiet!

    We haven't really had to deal with mothers day with D's mom so I am not sure what I would do but preparing a meal or hosting is NOT one of the things I would suggest or even be ok with!

  8. I'd say that IF you wanted to get out of the house then it would make more sense to have a picnic somewhere. Just stay away from restaurants in malls. I asked Lance what his plans were for Mothers day and he apparently didn't even realise that it was happening this weekend. Was not sure whether to laugh or cry. I told him to make sure that he stayed away from the house for at least 6 hours. WITH the kids. Don't really care if I'll be getting a gift or anything. I just want a few hours to myself.

  9. Yes, keep low expectations and enjoy the happiness in the little things. I just want to have some quiet time and do something fun with my family. We're talking about going to a place near here called Longwood Gardens. It's an old Dupont family home/gardens that was transformed into a museum. They have the most amazing gardening ideas and an old Victorian hot house for roses indoors. The place is amazing. It's 15 minutes from our house and might be a good way to go out as a family for awhile in a low-key way. They have some wide open spaces for the boys to run too, so they'll love that!

  10. My kids and husband cleaned out my van and did some weeding. I've been asking for them to clean out the van forever, so I'm thrilled.


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