Saturday, May 10, 2014

What a difference 3.5 years makes

Part of getting the necessary "closure" from work was taking time to do a photo walk on campus and take as many photos as I liked.


After deleting the non-favourites, I kept 423 which is still a lot but I'm really happy with all of those.

Anyhow, we were walking down the walkway when D reminded me of photos Jeanette took when the babies were 15 months old.

He suggested I take the same photos so we could see how they've grown.

So glad he remembered because look!

(photos on left are by Jeanette; photos on right are mine)

Isn't that amazing?!

I don't even recognise those babies these days!!!

What were you doing 3.5 years ago?


  1. I'm also glad D remembered and that you obliged him. Amazing how babies change. It's almost surreal and unbelievable it's the same babies.

    3.5 years ago - I have to dig deep but off the top of my head I can't remember what I was doing, weird!

  2. Yes, so glad you remembered to make these pictures!!! Love that drool on C's chin. :) I did not love baby drool -- at all! -- in the moment, but now I love to look back and see it in pictures. :) :)

    Three and a half years ago, the girls were turning two. We were getting them a kitchen for Christmas, and listening to their precious broken sentences of 4 and 5 words. :) :)

  3. Amazing! :-)
    Thee and a half years ago I was holding on to little hands trying to help N learn to walk. She was so excited to be able to go where she wanted to herself.

  4. This time 3.5 years ago I was dealing with the huge fallout following my failed gift, my fathers death and the loss of a close friendship. Amazing how much life can change in a few years.

    So glad you did the comparison, amazing to see how they've grown and developed


  5. Gasp... you have the most beautiful babies!!!

  6. And I mean then and now!!! You have totally captured the cuteness!!!

  7. These update photos are awesome!

  8. WOW!! K is so beautiful!!!! LOVE this comparison! 3.5 years ago... hmmm.. I would have been preparing to move house and get ready to welcome Hannah into the world I think?

  9. Oh, how I do love a good comparison photo... especially when the subject is beautiful babies. Your kiddos are precious, then and now.

  10. I absolutely LOVE before and after photos- and these are amazing!

  11. How very clever and cute

  12. I love this. Very clever.


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