Sunday, May 18, 2014

What I'm reading these days... lots of Irish fiction

I must tell you about two new authors I discovered.

Wait. Have I told you about Roisin Meaney?

OH MAN, I love her books. I want to move straight to a small town in Ireland (with high-speed internet!!) when I read her novels.

extract from my Goodreads "read" list

Then you know that cool thing Amazon does... "people who enjoyed this also bought these books" and so I downloaded a couple of Kindle samples.

Even though a book sounds good, my new rule (last 6 - 12 months or so) is to ALWAYS download a sample first. I can't tell you how many $2.99 and $3.99 books I bought (because it's only R30 - R40) and they were, in a word, terrible. And those R40 add up.

After trying 3 books by one author (who has about 10 titles on Amazon), I just deleted all her books from my account.

Anyway, so after reading the samples, I bought one.... and then bought a whole lot of

Pauline Lawless and Claire Allan. I've read 3 by each of them so far and have a couple more waiting on the Kindle.

You guys know I never steer you wrong with the Irish fiction!

Go get one of each and see if you don't love them!

How I'm doing on my general reading goals?
  1. My goal is 70 for the year. I've read 33 and am 7 books ahead, according to Goodreads.
  2. I've read 7 books off my physical bookshelf - YAY. My goal is to definitely read all the physical book fiction. I have 4 left.
  3. My goal is to read 15 non-fiction - I've read 8. I really want to focus on reading physical non-fiction books from my shelves.

What are you reading these days?

Which book can't you stop raving about?


  1. Oh Ireland... *swoon*

    1. I know! I would go back again :)

  2. Am thrilled to announce that I have started and finished a book this weekend and it was a LOVELY read. Getting ready for tomorrow quickly and then moving on to my next one. Will google these authors that you refer to.

    1. Am equally as thrilled you read such a lovely book. :)

  3. I am really battling to find something good to read! Like you, I've bought quite a few books thinking - argh, it's only R40 and then being seriously disappointed (and that's after reading the sample!)...and I cannot start a book and not finish it even if it's absolute rubbish. I only did that for Fifty Shades (yes, I may be the only woman who didn't enjoy that book!!!!!). I also download sample upon sample on my Kindle first. The one thing I find about getting a whole lot of books from the same author though is that a lot of the time, the story line and style of writing is the same so generally, I steer away from the same author or at least reading books from the same author one after another. Keen to give the authors you've recommended a chance though :-)

    1. Whoops - spelt "being" wrong - that's going to seriously annoy you ;-)

  4. Oh I am going to try these! Love a good Irish read - I am not sure if you or someone in the bookclub intruduced me to Sinead Moriarty but she is a firm favorite. And you know what I've enjoyed this year ( and am currently totally enjoying " The little coffee shop in Kabul)

  5. Last book I read was a Nora Roberts and I am sadly so far behind on my book reading that it's laughable. Will download one of each of the above tho to get myself back into the swing of things.


  6. I was just telling a friend I haven't been in the reading mood for a while. Too much going on. But I went for my school alumni series and the speaker today wrote a book which I bought and I'm planning to start. Sanc.tuary. The biggie is it is a NF! I hardly read NF but this captures events that "happened down the road" in that popular church in JHB CBD! That captivates me

  7. I discovered some fab new writers via Good reads. I always first read a sample before I buy a book. If the first few chapters don't grip me, the rest of the book will not either.

  8. The recommendations on both Goodreads and Amazon suck me in all the time.


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