Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - 5 of my favourite instagrammers (part 1)

Posting this from the iPad. Hopefully they still display well. Will fix on "proper" computer tomorrow.

this lady's feed is just gorgeous - all snippets of NYC - makes you want to NOT ignore the FlightCentre emails. She has 278 000 followers!!!

This is a mom of 4 from Germany - I love the colour of her feed - and how she just celebrates life with FOOD!
Nella's a travel blogger of note, obviously from Finland.One minute she's in one country, and the next day she's in another. I live vicariously through her :)
Our own Gareth Pon. He was a speaker at the Epson talk and is SUCH a nice guy despite having hundreds of thousands of followers. Started following him the next day. He's currently in Amsterdam :)
And then he linked to his food feed the other day. OH MY YUM. Such beautifully styled photos and yummy food. I'm very curious as you know (I consider it a strength!) so it's fun to see where in Jhb he's eating and what he likes to eat!
Based on what you know about me, any others I should be following?
PS As I was typing I realised there's definitely going to be a part 2 and maybe a part 3 too!


  1. I think I have to do a post like this!

  2. Think I should do a post like this too!

  3. I like Annct - for delicious sunsets. I also like unclescrooch - he's a friend of Gareth, also in Amsterdam at the moment. I like teaforbear - her pics are all taken diagonally. I like craighowes - he does a lot of nature/mountain/river stuff. I like juliabesidethesea - she does beach pics and arty stuff and plants/flowers/skies. I like lisatingchong - she does these minimalist/lines types of shots. I like hipebeast for street photography pics. I also like michaelxavierwriter for words. And thesketcheffect for words and graphics.


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