Thursday, May 29, 2014

Your questions for my wrap-up post?

*** I edited last night's post and linked to those instagrammers properly - amazing what a real keyboard will let you do!


I want to write one more post on grocery shopping and so on.... to wrap up the whole series.

Also, I've been managing our grocery budget for the month of May. I want to add up all the slips and see if I managed to save us any money or if we've gone worse (it's entirely possible - there was one bad week when I went shopping on an empty stomach).

Please put your last questions on this post, especially if I haven't answered them sufficiently in the comments.

Some of you have been noticeably quiet - I want to hear from the Americans too! :)

Mandy, share your tips!!!

PS Sam, thanks for giving such nice feedback on the last post!
PPS right, off to gym!


  1. We gluttonous, wasteful Americans are looking at you in awe! Seriously.

    Aside from the average sale-shopping, I don't make many efforts to save money on groceries. Since we've not been eating out (MIRACLE!) I'm willing to spend more for food I actually want to eat. I don't bother with coupons, although I believe MandyE still does. I have started shopping at a discount grocery store. It's not a tastefully decorated store filled with name brands, but they are always well stocked with fresh, ripe produce! Their selection is limited a bit, but I buy everything I can there and the rest from my regular store. My biggest cost savings comes from not doing most of my own shopping. My FIL does and as such he doesn't pick up those cookies I would see!

    1. I so agree with letting someone else do your shopping. A pity FIL can't do mine :)

      Coupons here are so miniscule it's a waste of time. Like R2 off a R40 - R50 bag of washing powder. Why bother?

  2. Oh and my question: what do you consider stockpiling and why don't you? FIL will occasionally call with major steals and I get them whether I want them or not. I can't turn down free! I need to work on rotating and using my piles though!

  3. About the only tip I have on grocery shopping is to have a list and stick to it! I keep mine on my phone with that out of milk app. When something is finished it goes on and not before. We did our grocery run yesterday and it came to R1200. There are a couple of things I still need from Dischem, but that's the bulk of it for this month.

  4. I need to work on our grocery budget, but also balance that with not too much takeout. So if we eat more groceries and less takeout, I'd be so happy! Will be working more on the budget in the upcoming months.

  5. How do you deal with incidental household things like lightbulbs?
    I always seem to have a light fusing when I have no money to buy any! Do you stockpile? I used to do that and then by the time I needed said bulbs I realised that they no longer worked and it was too late for an exchange!


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