Sunday, June 22, 2014

A mish-mash of thoughts also known as my "currently I am" post

So these "currently I am" posts have been jumping up all over the South African blogs I follow.... and since I have a mish-mash of things in my mind, I cracked and decided to do one.

Reading: Lots! Check my goodreads. I've already finished 7 books for the month. It's quite amazing because I'm not reading during the day unlike some of you would think, still only in the evenings. Best of all, I've finished 3 physical books.

I also make a point to read a couple of Kindle samples in between real books so I'm finally getting rid of all of them.

My goal is 6 Kindle samples a month but I've probably done around 12 - 15 the last month or two (yes, that will show you how fast I download samples!).
Listening to: Well, I still have the Wet Wet Wet and the Bryan Adams Bare Bones CD in my car. At the computer, I'm plowing through Michael Hyatt and Elise Cripe's podcasts. Three to go and then I'm up to date.
If I'd gone to Ireland with the big camera I would have TONS of photos of the Georgian doors in Dublin. Next time....
Laughing at: the kids. They talk TOO MUCH but I love it. I always dreamed of sassy children and while it's not fun when they sass us, when they use their sass for good, it's BEYOND cute. 
Example from last night... Kendra said something like "huh?" when I asked her to do something. So Connor pipes up, "Kendra, you're supposed to say pardon or excuse me. But Mummy and Daddy, I say pardon because I'm not really an excuse me-type of person". Well, D and I laughed so hard we were crying. And then Connor got upset because we were laughing at him......................... #thisisfour
Swooning over:  Not much except beach holidays. Although D told me I need to start thinking of a birthday list so that he's prepared if people (family) ask him for ideas. So I've started making my list. I may post it here for inspiration from all of you.
I'm considering going on holiday with the kids and without D since his secret company is stuffing us around with dates because of some launch that may or may not happen. What nonsense!
Would you do it?
To be honest, it's the first time I actually think, "yes, I could do this with the TWINS by myself!" (I must be growing up!)
OH, I'm swooning over these money boxes I picked up at Pep. I LOVE THEM!
And good light (so rare in winter).
Planning: birthdays for the babies, and I actually got myself a guest list for my own birthday!
Eating lots of: soup! Easiest way to get the veggies in.
Feeling: a bit out of sorts. I think I need to get a job because I'm getting... dare I say it... bored! Then I remind myself, "this time off is a GIFT and I need to relax and enjoy it...."
Discovering: lots of lovely new blogs because of all these podcasts I'm listening to.

Looking at: tons of photos. I have done a gazillion photo projects over the last couple of months. Have I mentioned I'm totally up to date on photo printing? thank you #epson for the lovely printer! (posts to follow) From here on out, it's the 18 - 20 monthly photos I normally do and that's it!
Wearing:  jeans and sweatshirts, scarves and shawls (I have a bright blue one and a purplish one I bought at Woolies end April - last "employed" shopping spree).
Cooking: the abovementioned soup, pastas, curries, stirfries, and also baking lots. 
Wondering: why people don't just RSVP. Flip - it drives me nuts!
Trying out: new recipes. My goal is 2 every month. I tried two of Se7en's recipes - tomato sauce (make it!) and fudge (make it for me since I can't seem to figure fudge out), and then made fudge brownies to rescue the fail, chocolate cake in a mug, apple cake and a fudge portion for one which ALSO didn't set and is in my fridge!

What are you currently up to?


  1. Thankfully I don't like fudge, so I wouldn't attempt to make it ;) my friend Lauren (laurenkimblog) has apparently got a fool-proof fudge recipe... I'll have to find it online and send it to you.
    LOL I you getting bored, I would be too ;)

  2. Speaking of sass...Jack has started saying "shut up" and then when I reprimand him he goes "What mom I just say SHADOW".

    It's frustrating but very cute.

  3. I love these currently type of posts - such an easy way to get to know a new blog (can you tell I'm new here;))

  4. I love these money boxes as well and I'm sure that they weren't expensive at all since it's bought at Pep. A store with low prices which I love.
    Yes, enjoy this time off. In the beginning I was bored as well but soon discovered that there are many things that can keep me busy. Homeschooling, cleaning house, clients after a while, etc.

  5. I'm gasping at this bold I'm might go on holiday without D but with the kids move you slipped in there! Haha, don't do it...seriously. I'm not saying you can't - I am pretty sure you can, but if anything goes wrong it's always good to have backup taller than your hip. ;-)

  6. Hi,

    when making fudge, use a sugar thermometer, on the stove. Mine never fails if I do it like that. The microwave versions are a hit and miss for me so I always use a sugar thermometer on the stove.

  7. LOVE those money boxes! I'm busy fighting the plague in my house, working on weekends and doing Kids Church stuff... Oh and trying to keep my work up to date but I am battling there a bit cos I am now also expected to unpack stock onto shelves in stores even though we pay an outsourced company to do so! VERY frustrated and unsettled at the moment.


  8. I would not go on holiday without my hubby. Because it isn't a holiday if I still have to DO EVERYTHING with and for the kids! No thank you! And even if they are occupied, then I don't have any adult company to enjoy. Not my idea of a holiday!
    Glad I got my RSVP in there early, sjoe!

  9. I would gladly go on vacation alone. In fact, that may be happening in NYC.
    Currently I'm trying to convince myself that I am no longer sick, clear up the pool water (cloudy), and stay awake! The concert last night was amazing but left me was 4 hours sleep and I was up extra early yesterday morning so I'm d..r.....a......g.........g..........i..............n.....................g!

  10. You did it! I am proud of you. I love these kind of catch up posts...speaking of sassy...Stefan's favourite words is NO and if you continue badgering him it is just simply GO and the finger pointing to the door. Flip...when did that happen?

  11. Oh those money boxes are really pretty! And yes, this time is a gift. And I am not a fudge lover - though hubby is.
    And I almost went on my own with the kids this winter - I would do it if I were you


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