Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A quick little catch-up post

this one was playing in my car for a few weeks (mind you, all the driving I do is TOPS 3 mins one way, and that's in the traffic)

the kids like Lip Service :)

So we currently have the House of Sick.

I was dreading last Friday because the expected high was only 9 degrees (48 F - thanks to a nifty little app I downloaded a few days ago called Converter).

We also had gym, a lunch here for friends and a party straight after that on Sat. The friends cancelled which gave us some white space so onward to the party. Boy, was it cold. I suspect the kids picked up whatever it is from there since there were at least 3 sick kids, including the birthday girl.

They had some runny noses on Sunday but were so bad on Monday we all stayed home.

Nanny S wasn't here (that's a post for another day) and I was feeling terrible too. I took some Degoran and made the kids sleep, so we all had a lovely long, 2 hrs 2 min (according to Fitbit) nap.

K was fine for school yesterday, I felt worse (really, really shaky - I couldn't even lift a book to read) and Connor was up and awake coughing for about 30 mins at 4 am so off we went to the doctor for some good old anti-biotics.

(if anti-biotics are not your style, I understand - I personally like to suffer for as short a time as possible).

I walked in, opened the drawer to set out their PJs (do you still do this?) and underwear, saw the light and dashed out for my camera :)

And after one dose, I was better... not so shaky. So I quickly cooked supper, intended to eat with the family at about 6:30, but I lay down on the bed "just for a moment" and when I woke, it was 10:50. YES!

The house was in darkness and everyone was sleeping.

So I ate a meal quickly (hot cross bun, tea, banana and yoghurt) so I could take my meds and then I read a book (HAHA - no joke!) til about 5 when I eventually felt tired and slept.

This is the life.

I said to Julia yesterday that I was sick but it felt great to have the FREEDOM to recover properly without being bombarded with SMS, emails, phone calls from project managers. Small gifts.

Today, I have no more shakiness, still coughing a bit.

happy pegs

Now there's the small matter of my Spanish dance exam on Sat.

I chatted to the doctor about this yesterday and she said IF you rest well (no physical exertion) for the next 48 hours, you'll be fine to have a lesson on Friday/ Sat and the exam on Sun. So I didn't go last night obviously since I was out cold. She may be able to squeeze me in on Sat. If not, I'm rocking up to the exam and just giving it my best.

What else is there to do, right?

love the light!

In the meantime, I decided to take the good doctor's orders because I have been feeling like I'm supposed to also be ENJOYING this time off too, it being a gift and all. So this morning I was playing with photos and albums, I want to finish May today so I can print off the monthly pics for the albums and for Project Life.

Speaking of photos, I can't WAIT to show you my latest obsession. Once I'm done with May, I'll have time to take more photos of the project and blog them.

So how are you? Are you well and healthy?


  1. All well here. Jacks got the snots but I found Corenza C for kids - it is awesome. The rest of us seem to be ok!

  2. **knock, knock**
    The ladies have yet to need any antibiotic or meds. Amazing. It's summer here so my only complaints involve humidity and sunburn. I can't wait to see your photo project.

  3. Shame man, glad you are doing better now. I got sick over Easter time and only 3 weeks later did I start feeling better, so its better to just rest up and get it over with.

    I absolutely love your house, there is just something about certain lighting in your house that makes it so awesomely warm and comforting. Maybe because these days I only see our house in the dark and on weekends there's not much time to enjoy our house...

  4. Sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you get better soon. Good luck for your exam on Sunday

  5. Get well soon Marcia. I had a scratchy throat and terrible post nasal drip but stopped it short by dosing up...Stefan has been snotty and with a tight chest for a week now. B will have to take him to the doctor if it doesn't improve soon.

  6. I do hope you feel better soon - today my cold finally feels better - luckily got through it without secondary stuff.C is now coughing and with him its always worse than the others due to the asthma issue.

    You will be fine with the Spanish of course!

  7. I hope you feel better real soon...REST! Can't imagine you up at 5, or still up at 5. ;-)
    As you know, N and I were flu-struck a few weeks ago. I felt like death warmed over for the better part of a week! Now we both still have a cough here and there, but for the most part I think we're through it thankfully. I don't think you can take it too lightly, and if you need antibiotics have them...people are getting really sick with this year's strain.

  8. Urrghhh.. the winter germs are just horrible! We've just come out of illness - all three of us. Not nice! Hope you recover fully soon! Yes, I still lay out clothes before bath time and for the next day :)

  9. Ooooh you know that I LOVE hardcore medicines! I can't believe that people don't take AB's. What's up with that?
    Hope you are better now. Right now, I have a lurking cough that I should start treating before it becomes a problem. Both kids are a bit congested so this weekend we'll just REST. Can't wait.

  10. Hope you are all on the mend? Thank God no sickies in our household, long may it last

    I don't like medicines of any kind. I only take them when there's no injection option

  11. Hope you're feeling better now - we are currently the house of the plague! All of us coughing (including my poor 5 month old baby *sob*).



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