Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An autumn walk and school updates

I love these red leaves the most of all leaves so one day I asked Connor to remind me to bring my camera when I fetched them so we could take some photos.

He forgot but I remembered so that's what we did.

I collected the kids, drove about 300 m down the road, pulled over and we played with leaves for about 10 minutes.

We all LOVED it! 

So we got accepted to the school we wanted. Yay.

D got an SMS to come to the school, I popped in last week and there were our acceptance letters.

I'll have to return them tomorrow indicating our willingness to accept our places there.

Then yesterday we got notes from the pre-school asking if the kids would be doing grade R there next year.

These notes were attached to their "reports" and I'm not going to make a big deal (YET) but basically, no way will I leave them there unless they weren't accepted anywhere else. Which was entirely possible since we only applied to this school and the required school (the closest to our house). Yet we had applications for 5 in total. Hmm.

But those are my issues. When I get irritated with the current school, I remember what Julia said to me in CT, which is that I'm NEVER going to be 100% happy with any school.

To be honest, I was rather dismayed by that news!

So tomorrow we have the half-year meeting to discuss their reports.

I'm dreading it.

Do you love these parent/ teacher meetings?


  1. I hate parent/teacher meetings. It makes me think of my own days at school which weren't cool at all. Good luck with your parent/teacher meeting. With kids like yours, there's nothing to worry or feel dismayed about.

  2. I hated them with a passion. I was very good at attending them with Kobus and Wynand...with Bianca...not so much. I made appointments with the teachers when I felt the need.

  3. Yay on getting into the school you wanted. I hope they'll be happy there and enjoy the place.

  4. YAY on the school, isn't it just a relief? As for the reports.. what does it actually matter! You leaving the school, you've been accepted at your school of choice, next year is a new leaf for all the babies! I love our parent/teacher meetings purely because I love our school and how they deal with even "sensitive" issues which they know I come in guns blazing about!

  5. Congrats on getting into the school you preferred!

    LOVE those photos

  6. Glad they got into the school you wanted :)
    LOVE the leaf photos, they must love you being at home with them in the afternoons.

  7. I have never had a parent/teacher meeting (yet) - good luck! And congrats on getting into your number 1 school. :-)

  8. I dont mind the meetings - I make sure I build a personal relationship with every teacher - its what my personality calls for. Great on getting into the school!

  9. Congrats! So happy that the school issue has been resolved. Initially school meetings made me anxious – it felt like they all had not nice things to say about Child1. I did have to grow a bit and go through a major mind shift because ultimately they love my kid and just want him to thrive. Them pointing out stuff that needs to be worked on helps ALL of us but especially the child. I no longer have anxiety about those meetings. I tend to meet with teachers throughout the year even before the official school meeting and this helps me to build a relationship and a good rapport with them. Having a “relationship” of sorts with the teacher makes a HUGE difference and is something that I would highly recommend.


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