Monday, June 09, 2014

Broken auto-focus on my camera

Remember I told you I went to do a last photoshoot at my work?

After taking the last photo I wanted to, I got up from the floor, misjudged the distance and the tip of my lens nicked the floor.

When I tried to focus after that, it went shh, shh, shhh, but wouldn't focus.

Got it repaired and just like when you get a car serviced, they gave me the old part back (I understand for this one... but normally why would you want old spark plugs, or whatever those things are).

I took some photos in case anyone else was interested.

By the way, there are videos on You Tube showing you how to fix this thing. I'm very good with detail - in the chem lab, my experiments would be close to perfect because I was so accurate with the pipette, etc. but since I'm in no way DIY, I didn't want to mess around so I took it to the approved specialists in Jhb.

Moral of the story - ALWAYS hold the lens and don't trust your faulty eyes!

How was your Wednesday?
Would you have taken your lens apart?


  1. Nope I wouldn't have taken the camera apart but my hubby can be a DIY person when he wants to be so I can see him taking it apart to fix it
    Wednesday is only tomorrow but last Wednesday was ok and Monday was busy busy busy ;) ;)

    Ps: they give you back the parts to comply with the con.sumer protection act!

  2. I think I may have sent it in too - I can not imagine trying to fix something like this

  3. I wouldn't have taken it apart myself. Too expensive and too precious.

    Its a beautiful part actually ;-)


  4. I wouldn't tinker with that myself either - looks complicated!

  5. I used by broken auto-focus as an excuse to upgrade. Here a repair is nearly the value of the lens, so might as well!

  6. I would not. However, my husband would. He loves to take stuff apart and put it back together. My Wednesday was OK except for ALL THE TALKING going on around me - had to use my headphones ALL DAY!

  7. I think I will trust an approved provider to fix not so much.

  8. dying to know how you went from Chem lab to Insurance??


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