Thursday, June 19, 2014

Can we talk about cold sores?

I suffer from cold sores. This was last year's episode.

And I've tried everything.


My go-to for a few years was a bluish gel called.... cold sore gel.... that the secret company's gift shop sold for awhile.

At the time I bought about 3 - 4 little jars.

When they stopped selling them and I'd run out, I was quite distraught because they worked like a bomb.

I then switched to Acitop which was okay but still took forever to get them gone.

Last week when I had a cold, the cold sores emerged on Wed.

I'd bought a new thing - L Lysine tablets -  my personal trainer from last year told me about them.

Well, it was like magic from the blisters to the dry stage, but I've been at the dry stage for probably a week now and they just don't disappear from here on out.

The thing is these tablets cost me something like R65 and I just stopped taking them when I didn't see noticeable improvement.

I've just checked on the internet and I've tried most of these remedies.


I went to the dentist on Tuesday morning and yes, it was as sore to open my mouth as you're imagining.

She's very gentle and even put some vaseline on the sores so I could say "aaah".

Best I go put on some vaseline to keep them from cracking.

Do you suffer from cold sores?

What's your secret for living with it?

How long do yours last?

PS pics from Caren's 40th (hers, not mine) on Sat night. Don't you love number 2?!


  1. You look soooooo happy in these pics and that just THRILLS me!
    I don't get cold sores. I do know of people who get them - they use something called Dynexan. It's an expensive ointment that you can get OTC.Hope you find a solution.

    1. D uses Dynexan for mouth ulcers!

      Thanks - we were having a great time and we laughed a lot that night!

  2. Lance gets them when he's about to get a cold... or if he's really stressed. Don't have advice... but wanted to repeat Julia's comment... LOVE how happy you look!

  3. Lovely happy pics! I have no cold sore advice but I personally trust Zambuk to cure most things

  4. I suffer too - more than once a year :-( I use Fenivir - also tried a million things - but I find it really really works well. Put it on when you feel the tingling start and it kills it before it rears it's ugly head. My colleague swears by it too.

    1. I think that's the orange tube I just bought too! :)

  5. I used to get them years ago. Can't actually remember what I did to get rid of them though sorry. You do look very happy! :-)

    1. Lucky fish - can't believe you no longer get them!!!

  6. I also suffer from them. I use Feniver - as soon as the tingle starts I slather it on and it normally stops them in their tracks before they get worse.


  7. I always get them top lip in the center...I try and burn it away with Tea tree oil.

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