Saturday, June 07, 2014

Dreaming about travel

After I finished my Singapore/ Australia album as part of last month's goals, I've been itching to do the very last one - Thailand and Malaysia.

Singapore/ Australia photos were in albums but in the old days, I just printed everything and stuck rolls of film to the shop and had the surprise of seeing which ones turned out non-blurry.

(interesting fact - we had all our photos except the very last roll of film printed in Australia because it was so much cheaper there - I seem to remember AUS $7 which at the time was R35 - those days are gone forever)

So I took out all those photos, tossed about 50 - 60 that didn't tell a story and arranged them in my current favourite photo albums from CNA.

look at my thin hot self in the bottom left pic! (Malaysia) I printed an extra copy of me and it's on my desk to motivate me

Onto Thailand and Malaysia.

This was actually our first trip with a digital camera. We bought it about a week before we left and we had no idea what we were doing, me especially. Still, these are our memories.

I was reminded just how easy it is to take 20 photos of the same thing (and it's easier now with the fast shutter speed of the DSLR) but more importantly, how we just leave photos on a hard drive and never go back to look at them again.

I worked on them for two nights (about 3 - 4 hours total) and then printed them.

This afternoon I quickly arranged them in the album and ... I'm caught up with ALL our trips.

I told D I will never be behind again. It's far too much of a pain.

Same with the baby/ kid books.

I simply have to remember the schlep of years of unsorted stuff to keep me current :)

When I don't have my friend (#epson printer), I just save the "chosen" ones in a To Print folder and once a month but definitely once every two months, I take it on a disc and get them printed.

9 countries, 10 trips (Ireland twice :))
2004 Singapore & Australia
2006 Thailand & Malaysia
2008 England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland
2009 Ireland (pre-babies trip)
2012 USA

Where next?

I'm keen to try an Airbnb place for our next trip but I don't know where. (there is no actual next trip planned; it's just nice to dream)

Interestingly, two close friends are travelling WITH kids to Europe and Mauritius later this year. Fun, fun, fun.

D thinks we should do a cruise next.

Of course I'm keen but I think it would be a good idea to be permanently employed again first :) It would just feel to reckless otherwise!

As for travel in the real world not fantasy-land, I would DEARLY love to get to the beach for my birthday but dear D's secret company has banned leave over the period at least for the moment. What does that mean? When they unfreezer the ban, flights will be super expensive once again.


Tell me about your imaginary or real travel plans :)


  1. Maybe you should take the kids to NYC for their birthday! ;)
    We have lots of small trips planned; amusement parks, beach, NYC. Suddenly the hubs endless summer breaks seem rather short.

  2. No serious travel plans on this end...but my dear daughter has added camping to her birthday wish list.

  3. I would love to go on a cruise of the Greek Islands...and a road trip in the USA.

  4. Mmmm.....right now I just want to get to my family in Jhb. Alas, someone needs to stay home.

    My fantasy travel right now would be Mauritius. I need sun, beach, cocktails. Is it bad that I had no idea what airbnb was? I had to google!

  5. Um, two more of your close friends are planning a NYC trip! But it feels incomplete without you! :) :)

    1. Thank you! Like I told Mandy, we could take our entire family to Thailand for a week for what it cost me ALONE for my US trip two years ago..... so it's not going to happen soon.

      Who's game for Thailand? :)

    2. I think my husband would DIE, but I'm certainly game!

  6. What is airbnb? Let me google. I actually thought it was a spell check gone wrong till I read Julia's comment!

    I would love to go the Maldives or somewhere in the Carribeans. Or on a cruise (except I know motion sickness might get the better of me)

    Ps: I actually don't know why but Thailand doesn't interest me as a place to go on holiday maybe because they show too much poverty related things about it on public media

  7. I am dreaming of a second honeymoon with my hubby. And I would love to do an island one with the kids somewhere with a great kids club. But this is all just dreams.....

  8. I had no clue what airbnb was either! Thanks Google! I would LOVE to go to Russia. Or Thailand. Or France. Or back to Greece. Geesh I would be happy to just get to Plett for two weeks!


  9. Well I am looking forward to Moz end of the month! I always prefer hot sunny beach holidays to snow, fires and a wood cabin. I just do! Ah, it was soooo easy to travel back before kids, school fees, bonds and everything else!!!


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