Monday, June 23, 2014

Fantasy photo spots and why we should happily pay tolls!

I've spoken about my fantasy family before.

They're the ones who are compliant and behave for photos and such....hahaha

Anyway, I came across these photos from the last day of our holiday which reminded me of that crazy concept.

When we first drove through the resort, I saw these two spots that were PERFECT for photos.

I could just see it - lovely family photos and ones with the kids alone in front of this lovely little house-like structure, and some on the most magnificent bridge ever.

Of course, we kept rushing to something or another (ziplining, for example!) and then it was the last day.

So I made us stop to take some photos.

the magnificent bridge
A lovely man stopped and asked if we would like a photo together and of course I said YES! I would LOVE that. (I always ask people if they'd like a photo together - Mandys, do you remember that couple in Charlotte? Do you?)

there's the bridge from the top of the little hill
and then we came to this little structure - hmmm, perfect for couple photos too!

the silliness started

I've grown to LOVE this photo

photo by Kendra (I love having kids old enough to take photos!)

Then we drove into a petrol station somewhere to use the loos, and on our way out we accidentally took the wrong road (not the toll)

Dear Lord, how we regretted that little mistake. It was a HORRIBLE road. I will never ever ever moan about the crazy tolls on the road to KZN again. Never.

(I'm good about these sorts of resolutions - like how I promised after a fierce winter about 3 - 4 years ago never to complain about summer heat again, and how, after paying about R22 a litre for petrol in Dublin 6 YEARS ago to never moan about the petrol price in South Africa. I haven't complained about those two things since.... and I won't be complaining about tolls again.)

Seeing this dam was the only highlight...

Do you also create these fantasy photos in your mind?
Do you moan about the tolls?


  1. hahaha yes the fantasy perfect photos... they never quite turn out the way I imagine them but I've embraced the quirky face pulling pics we get now. That's us.... quirky and facially expressive ;-) I used to moan about the tolls but you know there are more important things to moan about, so I've stopped.


    1. That's why I'm so glad we had photoshoots before they turned 3!!!! The Newtown one is the BEST one ever!!! :)

  2. I LOVE C IN ALL THESE PHOTOS!! HAHAHA!! And yes, because we never do professional shoots, I have VERY few photos of the four of us altogether and it makes very sad!!! So at least you have a gazillion silly photos, rather than NONE!

    1. When you're on the beach in Moz, please get the family to take some photos of the 4 of you.

      And when I'm with you guys, i will do it gladly! So glad I got a few at Liam's party.

  3. Definitely have some fantasy photo locations - but not so much what kinds of photos I would want to take there.
    Not with you on the toll thing, the alternative routes should also have maintenance done on them...there's a levy in the fuel price that was supposed to take care of that!

  4. I pay roughly $100/month for a toll pass. Otherwise I'd be shelling out $200 at full price each month. I don't complain about the tolls, I wish they weren't so expensive.

  5. Lovely photos Marcia...I am beginning to think I need to bribe my family to get decent photos.

  6. I moan about tolls, most definitely. I understand that the highways are far better with them but why only collect money for these roads and not the others?
    I love the photos and love that you got someone who were able to take a family photo of you all.

  7. I'm all for "fantasy" photos but of course I know something will not always go right. Guess it is all part of the fun. We've had 3 professional photoshoots - 2 as a family so I do have some pictures of all three of us. Of course I know as K gets older it won't be as easy .

    I don't complain about tolls I'm just grateful I can afford to pay them if I choose to use a road that has one.

    1. Love love love all the pictures here. I love rolling hills and greens with brown patches

  8. Oh you took the Northern berg road? Past Mount Auxources? It is one of the most scenic iconic Berg scenes but the road is in a terrible state.

    Beautiful pictures !

  9. Ha. We never have co-operation with photos in these parts. I can only try. I really love this set of pictures.

    We don’t have toll roads in CT (except one that I’m aware of) but I would probably pay if I needed to. I just think there are bigger things to fight and protest about. But that’s me. Like Mrs FF, I thank God that I would probably be able to afford it. Louisa is right though - there is a levy in the fuel price that should make provision for that.


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