Friday, June 13, 2014

{Fearless Friday} Our adventures with ziplining

First I want to tell you something "funny".

One of my goals for this year is to do something fun as a family every month. You'd think that would be easy but life goes by very quickly. As in, I totally missed March's one.

When we were on holiday, there were brochures at the resort advertising lots of adventure-type activities, one of which was ziplining.

It's always been on my list and this year the kids are big enough so we decided to go.

When I realised it was 30th April, I said to D, "let's do it tomorrow so it can be our May adventure" and to his credit, he agreed with my madness after I phoned them to make sure they were open on the public holiday.

The kids were adorable in their helmets but look at the fear in K's face (biggest photo below). They both get very, very quiet when they're scared.

D told me when they got to him at the end of the first line, they were both crying. They told me when they got back to me that they didn't want to do it anymore but I gave them a talk and we agreed they'd do just two more zips.

What do you call it? Zips? Swings? Swishes?

The kids were allowed to go 5 times for their R55, and they actually did them all. Connor even got an extra zip in.

can you see how scared he is? too sweet (I almost want to frighten him daily to see the sweetness)

Then it was our turn.

Well, just the practice about did me in. It was HARD.

I'm not super fit but I'm also not the most unfit person around (I'd say I'm acceptable) and it was HARD.

Apparently adults get to go around the course 3 - 4 times in their hour. After I'd been around once, I told the guy to take off all my stuff because I WAS DONE!

He was horrified.

I said, "I've had quite enough, thank you very much". When he mentioned PHOTOS, I said ok to one little zip on the kiddies line just for photos.

So here is PROOF I've ziplined.

D said, "oh come on, that's not what you looked like on the actual zipline"...

so I did this face! which shows my true terror
this was just for the last little (tame) zipline because I'd been videoing D

And I'm not interested in doing any more of these adventure things. My adventures henceforth will come from normal things like speaking in front of crowds and saying yes to opportunities to step out of the (mental and emotional) box.

I can honestly say I felt SO BAD forcing the kids to go because if we'd gone first, I'd have kept them back.

Connor did say, "this is number 5 and after this I'm NEVER EVER EVER coming back to do this again".

I feel exactly the same!

Not to go all spiritual on you but I LOVE those photos of D waiting for the kids. It reminds me of how God is always ready to catch us and hold us safely.

D loved it, of course. There had to be one.

And then decided he even wanted to do the tree swing.

So there we have it.

We're not an adventure family and we like it just fine.

Are you an adventurous sort of family?
Have you ziplined before? Did you love it?

PS I mentioned before maybe going ziplining as a group for my 40th. Um, no. Not going to happen.


  1. I am not sure if I should say: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.... or insanity. But for the photographs I would have totally gone there too... I think the word I am totally looking for is AWE!!! Your babies are just adorable, give them a big hug and don't be amazed if they grow up to be crazy adventure sports people!!!

    1. flip - it was insane! I'm so glad I have a photo! Now I'm done.

      They are SUPER adorable in these pics, I will agree ;)

  2. I am all for ziplining...I would call it flying. We have done the treetops in Tsitsikamma and the waterfall zipling too. I would do it again, and again. I'm guessing i love the adrenalin rush...because I love repeated rides on the Cobra at Ratanga in Cape Town.

    1. I saw some pics yesterday of ziplining where you hold on with two hands above your head - that may be more my style...

  3. Haha! I LOVED zip lining. Not sure what N would make of it, but she's such a little adrenaline junkie, she'd probably love it. I think I'll wait a few years before taking her though.

    1. No surprise there, adventurer :)

  4. Adventurous but with lots of caution! Hubby not so much. I asked him to let us do sky jumping once and his response was - why would I jump out of a perfectly working plane LOL

    1. I love the look on the babies' faces and as usual my little C didn't disappoint

    2. *ahem* I'm with Y on that one! Men did lots of work to be able to get planes working - let's not mess with that!!!

  5. You got some gorgeous pictures! And it looks like so much fun (to me)! Of course, that's easy for me to say from the "safety" of my office chair! ;) I do look at anything remotely dangerous in a whole new light since becoming a mom. Was that part of it for you?

    1. Thanks!!!

      No, nothing to do with being a mother.

      It was just SCARY! I felt totally out of control (hey, that's probably it!!)

  6. GREAT family fun you had. Here's a place not far from us which also do this zipline thing. It's where me and Deon is trail biking at the moment. Haven't taken kids yet, most probably end of the month :)

    1. make sure they'll like it first :) you will love it!

  7. LOL...I LOVE this!
    I am to a small degree. I enjoyed those Ratanga junction rides and I would probably bungee with Lance. I won't do any kind of adventurous thing without him. Joshua is an adrenaline junkie so would probably do it over and over - Joel, not so much. He would freak. I think I must make a plan for us to zip line now

    1. omw I hate Ratanga Junction and any rides really :)

      funny my one friend went to a class party (we weren't invited) and they ziplined. Anyway, she said to the girls, "should we go to that place again?" (a few weeks later) and the one said, "don't you even THINK about taking us there again" :) (love the little anti-thrill seekers!)

  8. K's FACE!!!! LOVE!!! Awesome adventure.. I am all about the adventure. Byron - not so much!

  9. Although I am not a roller coaster fan I totally love ziplines! I would do all of them over and over. A went to a party and did it and could not get enough and H also loves it. The boys have not been yet and I have no idea if they would like it. A has always been the adventure child


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