Friday, June 20, 2014

{Friendship Friday} The May edition

I was trying to have a friend date once a week in May but you know how that goes... best-laid plans and all that jazz.

So I landed up seeing 3 friends in two days.

Laura and I met in the middle of nowhere :) (Midrand!) and thankfully I didn't get lost going there which is always a huge blessing.

We had a lovely brunch, spoke too much about everything from blogging to kids to business to finances, and eventually we parted ways.

I ran into Dischem (big mistake because I had to sms nanny S to fetch the kids since I was now running late) and then made my way home, again not getting lost.

Seriously, I feel like a rock star when I don't get lost :)

The next night I braved the cold and went out for supper with two other friends, this one in the photo below and another.

We were having such a nice time I forgot to take a photo.

Slight lie. I very briefly thought about taking out my iphone but the conversation was "delicate" and we just moved on.

You don't need a photo of everything, right?

SOOOO nice to connect with these two.

I told them I'd be scheduling regular suppers so I best do that, it being 3 weeks later.

Those two dates sorted me right out and helped me get my "extrovert" fix.

I had Caren's 40th last weekend, a tea this morning, have another tea tomorrow after gym (she asked me to go for a coffee!) and I want to try and squeeze in another friend date next week sometime.

How are you doing with your friend dates?
Or is it too cold?


  1. One friend date! A Sunday lunch with a friend for her birthday. Was divine. Otherwise I've been too busy and tired and cold. I do have one for this Sunday and then again for next week Saturday.

  2. Midrand is not really middle of no where. Of course I live close to it, so it can't be!

    Are you sure you are not related to Y's family! Getting lost is second nature to them ha ha ha ha

    I wish I could blame no friend dates on the cold. Too much going on- busy busy busy

    That's a lovely pic of Laura!

  3. I feel like I've had some really good friend time this together last Friday night with K&S and met another friend through them. (Interestingly, had we stayed in our old house, the new friend would have been our neighbor!) And then I had a late supper one evening with a fellow twin mama friend (sans kiddos). It was great!

    My local BFF is just coming back from vacation today, though...between work schedules and travel, we're missing each other way too much these days.

    All in all, feeling pretty balanced on the friend side, which is an awesome feeling! Now, I just need some "ME" time in the mix. Outside of work (which is a very different kind of "me" time), I have had zero downtime to myself in a full month now. It's getting to me! I need to go for a cup of coffee by myself...soon!!! ;)

  4. Well I have been trying to set up a friend date with someone who has been kinda busy *ahem* ;-)

    Other than that I've had some good friend time at kids birthday parties but need to start setting some friend dates up that do not include KIDS! I need some ME TIME.


  5. No friend time. I am jealous.

  6. It's stupid to say but no time for friend dates!


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