Tuesday, June 03, 2014

June goals and May recap, and more thoughts on money

I really had a great May despite the over-thinking during the last week.

Here is a post I wrote on my other blog to recap the goals.

I can obviously be a bit more free (how do you spell free-er?) here so let's talk more about money!

It was weird not earning a "proper" salary last month.

I haven't ever spoken about the leaving process here so let's do this.

I've always had my "live on one income" plan. My real goal was to live on the smaller income.

I did my sums nicely and really there is no problem if I wanted to resign - we could live on the one income but I still wanted D to heavily contribute towards savings during this time which is why I've made a budget and am living off a bit of savings and some business income. The side hustle business doesn't make enough YET so that I can fully live off it. I like this because I know the more the side hustle brings in, the less I need to tap into my savings, which motivates me just enough.

Anyway, the one thing I had to overcome was plain old fear.

our neighbours have the best walls for backdrops - there are 3 I can use :) :) Connor's always game for a walk; Kendra about 60% of the time.
What about all the money that won't be going into savings from my side?
and so on......

And God whispered quite loud actually... Don't you trust me? (OUCH!)

I do, because I'm a tither and I've always been more than okay, especially when it comes to money, so I set that fear aside.

And then when the financial lady showed me the state of my affairs and I was very pleasantly wowed, it was like God was saying, "see? I told you to not worry".

I'm not going crazy and am keeping within the budget without questioning every chocolate I want to buy. I'm still giving myself my same "allowance" and for May, I only overspent by R194, because I had to spend an extra R500 on Spanish-related things for my upcoming exam. So I would have come in under....

Do you give yourself an allowance or do you just spend?

Anyway, let's see how I do in June.

Also, these socials add up. R130 for a supper with friends. Will have to limit those to once a month, or start meeting in actual houses :)

I realised I need to have the savings totally out of my main account otherwise seeing a lot just makes me want to spend it. It's that business of mixing old and new money :)

Last night when I did the budget, I transferred money out, instructed the people to take another once-off debit and now I have what I need there plus a smallish buffer.

Enough about money!

Everything is ticking along very nicely except I need to get serious about the weight. I only lost 400 g in May. On the bright side, I didn't GAIN what with all the sitting around during the mornings.

Still, I have high hopes for my fitbit flex.

My goals
  1. Make dentist appt
  2. Walk 200 000 steps (SHEESH)
  3. Go to gym 8 times 
  4. Spanish 4 times
  5. ACE Spanish exam
  6. Lose 2 kg.
  7. crazy party planning!
What are your goals for June?

Linking up with this lovely lady who is as mad about goals as I am!
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  1. Fiinish CV update - I did more work on it today! I've committed to finishing it off this week

    And go back to the gym - I went today and did 30 mins on the elliptical machine so I'm happy. Just need to keep it up.

    Try increase my walking speed so I can do one km in less than 9 mins

    1. Your comment on fear reminds me of a shirt I saw today - "strike fear or you get struck"

  2. I had a bit of a money "surprise" today. New school emailed with a ransom note. Pay R2500 at once or lose your place for next year. I managed...but I think that lady is regretting emailing me already, cause I fill her inbox with questions daily now.

    1. You kill me! I laughed so hard when I read this I nearly spilled my coffee. Hopefully they gave you at least a week.

      Apparently we will get a week to pay R3000 per kid.

  3. For the past 16 years in full time ministry it is the big TRUST issue that has kept us hanging in. The moment we get a little bit comfortable, the Lord has the knack of pulling the rug out from under us and puts us back on our knees. K and I have this thing that we say....Dit is Pappa se plek, so Hy moet maar sorg.

  4. My main goal for June is to get thru Kade's party in once piece, and to try my best to keep my kids healthy thru the cold spell.


  5. So you will see Leani? And wow school deposits in JHB are way high! Ours is R800 per kid. And gets deducted in the first month's school fees next year.

    My goals - work on getting my full shoulder function back. We are somewhere around 70 %. Getting all the admin done for my claims for professional sickness benefits - mine is split in to two - half at D's secret place and the other at PPS. And plan to get to the in laws in the holidays

  6. I have a jawbone UP band that I use to track my steps and really does help motivate me when I'm not in pain from my back. If I'm in a lot of pain I just miss that goal for the day (which has been most days lately) but I can't wait until I feel better and can walk more and meet my goals daily.

  7. Mmmm...goals for June? Haircut& Brazilian - I'm actually going to try it again. Also.try to get in structured prayer time - I actually don't do this AT ALL! Also. Get this ezine registration sorted and try to publish something on that platform.

  8. Also. I don't really give myself an allowance. There IS no allowance to give because we run a very tight ship! I wish I could take an allowance. I am lucky with freebies though - it's like God just knows that I have no money for an allowance and then he sends me "gifts". Isn't that cool?

  9. Wow! I really have been out of the loop! I did not even know you had resigned - I am a BAD BLOG FRIEND. Ok I promise to read your blog more often. And I am going to ask you the same question you asked me. Do you miss going to work?


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