Monday, June 16, 2014

Sleeping babies and Father's Day


Last night after seeing the millionth post on FB/ IG about Father's Day, I asked D what he thought of it all.

Turns out he still feels the same as I do.

Namely, that it's a bit weird to write on FB/ IG all these soppy messages when your husband/ father is right there/ at the end of a telephone line to receive your message in person instead of via the social media that he probably isn't even reading.

We've always thought the "to my two-year-old, you're the best little boy in the world" messages are SUPER weird.

(if you think they're cool and you do them, go right ahead :))

Your two-year-old can't read and shouldn't be on FB til he's 12/ 13?

I believe D mentioned things like "are you writing for your audience or the "beloved father"?"

Anyway, that's us.

If you and your father/ husband talk through FB, it's obviously a different matter :)


In the morning before I got ready for my exam, I got the kids cards and gift out and told them to go give it.

He loved it (or pretended very well). I need to take a few pics and show you....

I then got on with it, got myself ready and dashed out of there.

They went to church as we normally do.

I sent an SMS when I was back home afterwards and they came to fetch me so we could go out for lunch.

(Personally I hate lunches on 'theme days' - can we say crowds!!!! - but D loves eating out all the time, so out we went)

Came home, I finished a book and then slept with a child on my bed, the other child didn't want to nap and D watched the World Cup. I'm already over the World Cup.

By the way, I've now read 40 books for the year, 10 of which were physical books (YAY!). I have only 2 more physical fiction books to finish before my birthday.... and a TON of physical non-fiction.

I must say, there's nothing like a photo of a proper book though. I find myself taking iphone photos of the physical books next to my tea.... or in good light.... because the days are limited!

And then it was the bath/ supper/ stories and prayer routine.

Today D and I had a nap again and the kids played QUIETLY for an hour without destroying the house too much.

Could it be that they're growing up?

And a last little weird thing - I haven't enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee for a whole week.

I kept throwing out my tea and then I switched to coffee and kept throwing that out too.

Then I twigged.

It's the anti-biotics messing with my taste buds.

This is only the third lot of anti-biotics I've ever been on in my life (first the gall bladder when they didn't know it was my gall bladder), and then flu..... I remember last time I didn't enjoy my food so much but this time, it's been horrible.

My course ended on Sat night but my taste buds are still not normal. I'll confess I can't WAIT to really enjoy some Joko tea again.

How was your Youth Day?


  1. Argh I left a comment then my connection broke!

    Anyway the short version now - our youth day was ok. Jack and I were miserable because we were both feeling yuk so D got tense.

    I made a post to my Dad and D and I have also said stuff on facebook (I don't go too cheesy though) - David really takes those updates or posts personally - they mean a lot to him - the public display of how I feel about him. His uncle read one of my posts at our wedding and it was hugely emotional for us both.

    1. hate when that happens!!!

      ah, then it means you do talk through FB so I have no issues :) I keep forgetting you met through The Twitter :)

  2. Our Father's day was a bit of a disaster.. long story.. anyway we will re-enact it again this weekend, because even though we should be spoiling our "dads" everyday, I do believe in making special days SPECIAL. I wish everybody on FB! Kids, parents, the works - whether you see it or not! And then a whole lot of people wish them too in my comments.. hahaha.. we live in a funny world, don't we?!

  3. I get irritated by a number of things that people do on SM. That said, it’s a big enough playground for everyone, so I think that people can use their FB or their IG or their twitter in a way that makes them happy. AS long as there’s no meanness, it’s all fine by me.
    My Youth day was the laziest day EVER. Much-needed. I spent most if it in bed with a book!

    I can't believe you've only had AB's 3 times in your life! Now THIS is something about you that shocks me. As you know I LOVE proper drugs.

  4. I always loose my sense of taste when I have a cold - total loss of appetite and never any tea. I can still drink coffee but tea tastes terrible.

    Love the sleeping girlchild


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