Sunday, June 15, 2014

So the Spanish exam is over!

I had to have (and pay for) a private lesson yesterday morning to go over my stuff one last time before this morning's exam.

I practised like crazy on the Friday night and thankfully that paid off on Sat morning.

This morning in the exam my dance was not quite as "spot on" in one place as when I did it yesterday but certainly good enough to pass, I hope.

On the whole, both of us have never danced as well as we did today.

We technically haven't received our official notifications of passes yet - I'm considering that a mere formality! :)

Some thoughts:

it is super weird to be competing with all the teenagers.

My friend in my class is also in her 30s (I'm using that til the last possible minute!) and has a boy of about 3/4.

There is one other lady who is older than we are - deep into her 40s - but she's about 6 grades ahead.

The rest? All teenagers!!!

Were we as silly as teenagers are today?

At one point the teacher said, "GIRLS! Will you put away the cell phones and get dressed?!"

S (my partner) and I didn't even take ours out. I only took mine out afterwards to take a photo for memories!

Can't quite believe it - 3 months of lessons and here I am doing exams again.

I said to the older lady - I haven't done exams for ballet or Spanish for 23 years.

Well, Tuesday we start the new grade and bring on November for the next exam :)

(you know me with a goal...)

It's been so good for me to get over myself, get my confidence in my body back (it was fantastic to see me in the mirror yesterday - I actually could remember the old Dance Marcia) and build those muscle memories again.

And now that that's over, I need to get my kids' party sorted!

I actually have a TON of things to do during this very short week including my visit to the dentist first thing on Tues morning (can't wait!) and getting C's hair cut.

What was most eventful for you this weekend?

PS do we need to talk about Father's Day?


  1. Glad to hear the dance went well. And you do look lovely with your hair in a bun! Hope D had a wonderful Father's Day?

    1. I'm sure we were cheeky as teenagers but the main difference was we didn't live in such a "must stay connected" world! Cellphone was non-existent

  2. Congrats! You look fab in that outfit by the way.

  3. Congrats!! You look awesome in that outfit, I agree with Louisa!

    1. thanks!

      22 years ago I was a lot... thinner!

  4. Ah congrats! You look lovely. I had a lovely, lazy weekend filled with food, naps, reading and family catch ups. And supervising studying. I had a Fathers Day blog written but now I'm not feeling the publishing thereof. Maybe because it's a day later? I'll see how I feel later and then I may or may not publish. You can talk about it if ONLY if you really want to.

    1. thanks! And congrats are now deserved - got reports/ certs last night!

  5. You do look wonderful in that outfit Marcia. Makes me want to drag K to ballroom dance lessons. B was away in Patensie this weekend and we had a deliciously quiet weekend with a fire going in the fire place. It is so cold.

    1. Sure you enjoyed the empty house :)

  6. LOVELY!!!! And well done!!

  7. Oh you look regal and beautiful. A can not wait to start Spanish next year and is in full ballet exam prep


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