Saturday, June 21, 2014

Some reading for the weekend

Charlotte, North Carolina
I realised I'd better start sharing all these links I keep collecting.

So here they are - there's something for everyone.

Sharing finances in a marriage

I love stationery

Adventures with boys made me laugh

This is how I'm currently spending my days

Infertile women in the Bible

Another view on the currently popular green smoothie 

Which was your favourite link?

PS it's the shortest day of the year. Louisa's been waiting for this one!


  1. Whoohoo! Longest night is officially over! Well, in about 1,5 hours anyway.

    Onwards and upwards! :-)

    1. I LOVE how excited you get :)

  2. I liked the one about infertile women in the bible.

  3. I could not force myself to read the green juice link... tooooo boring! Loved the infertility one and the GEL PENS one ;-)



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