Sunday, June 29, 2014

The fourth wall (Casting Crowns concert)

D and I went on a date yesterday and we were discussing concerts.

In particular the ones we've seen this year.

He wanted to know how I'd rated all those we'd been to (Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, UB40, Air Supply and now Casting Crowns), and I said, "that's not fair! different types of concerts".

But of course, my favourites are always when the artist engages with the audience.

D spoke about something called the fourth wall. Basically in a theatre, the fourth wall is the imaginary wall between the performers and the audience, and we were saying we enjoy concerts where they break through this fourth wall.

Otherwise, as D says, you might as well just buy a DVD and watch them at home. True #wewonttalkaboutEltonJohninconcert

So you know I have a deep and abiding love affair with this CD. It carried me through MONTHS and MONTHS of despair and desperation in the old job. If you're going through something hard at the moment, get this CD and play it over and over and over.

I tried to buy more of their CDs but our church bookshop didn't have any at the time I went. So I just checked out some of the popular ones on Youtube.

(I just bought another of theirs this afternoon. Do you still call it "buying a CD" if you buy the CD on itunes? Hmm.)

D was not well and was talking about not going - nothing was keeping me away of course - but in the end he pushed through and came. Totally worth it.

They were amazing.


Excellent music, wonderful engagement with the audience and just a beautiful experience. Such hearts for ministry (they're all youth pastors).

Look at all the hands raised in worship.

(I limited my Instagram/ Facebook activity but I have TONS more photos and two more videos)
Some of you will understand this but there's at least two things going on at these Christian things.

The one thing is what's actually happening - a band singing amazing songs leading people in worship.

The other thing is "underneath" that and that is the part that got me. It's that "rhema" word of God.

In Greek, the word rhema means "an utterance." Therefore, the rhema word in Biblical terms refers to a portion of scripture that "speaks" to a believer. In most cases, a rhema word received while reading the Bible applies to a current situation or need. In essence, the rhema word is timely and extremely valuable in a Christian's walk with God. 

From this website

For me, God was talking a LOT :)

I received 3 things that night -
  1. about really believing that what God says about me is true (and that was reinforced in church this morning. Ta da da dum)
  2. leaving old things behind (we won't go into this anymore, shall we?), and...
  3. one other that is really private!

If you click on this instagram below, you can see what I wrote on my feed. And the lovely Mark Hall commented again. Seriously, how nice is he?!
Anyway, so that was an amazing concert and I will see them again and again and again. There is NOTHING like seeing people totally in their passion, using their God-given gifts so well. I get so happy I cry! So jealous of you American ladies that could see them A LOT! :)

What are your favourite TYPES of concerts?

You know mine are ones where I can sit in pre-booked seating, non-stadium and where the performer engages with the audience. I also don't like it when there are a lot of opening acts. I want to come, hear someone else for max 30 minutes and then onto the main event.:)

PS Now I just need Billy Joel to come to South Africa.


  1. I'm hearing all sorts of wonderful about the concert - glad you enjoyed it

    1. it was wonderful. Apparently the Pta one was even better? HOW COULD IT BE?! :)

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing experience!

    My cousin bought me one of their CDs yonks ago, and although I am not really into Gospel music - this one I really enjoy/ed. There are quite a few of their songs that I've mixed up with my regular driving music that are just fantastic.

    1. Totally amazing!!!

      Which are the songs you like?

  3. My new "rule" for concerts is all about the fourth wall. I need not only music, but to be entertained. If you can't get everyone there engaged, then I CAN just listen at home. That being said, I loved Springsteen and Rush. They are definitely entertainers and can get the crowd going. [side note: I listened to the Springsteen concert you went to and it was so flat! What's up with that?] My absolute favorite concern is an afternoon festival, preferably bluegrass or similar, where everyone is relaxed and hanging out.

  4. I just love all gospel concerts they turn into huge mega praise and worship services.

  5. I am still so sad I missed it but I am glad I could hear it from home (I live really close to the church)



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