Sunday, June 08, 2014

The "starving children" in Africa

I read Louisa's post on Friday about her latest project, and I was part saddened, part inspired and lots annoyed by some behaviour my kids started exhibiting...

I didn't realise part 3 until I fetched them and started giving them lunch.

A lot of you have seen my kids in action and they're really good eaters. I know that.

Still... the fussiness factor is starting to creep in and I'm not sure if it's because I'm at home and I like to do their lunches myself so there's familiarity, or just if it's the age.

However, I don't want this and I don't want that is NONSENSE. And recent.

The bananas were going soft and there was one naartjie from the old batch so I gave each child one half of each fruit.

Well, you'd have thought I was killing them.

The whining. The moaning. The tantrums. The shouting (from me).

I said, "that's IT! From now onwards there will be none of this nonsense."

I then told them (again) how there are big problems and small problems in the world.

A big problem is whether or not you have food to eat. A small problem is which fruit you're going to have.

What is this? Yes, it's a very small problem.

And how there are Very Sick Kids at a hospital a mere 10 km away who don't even have BEDS, and here I have kids moaning about only having half a fruit.

No, Babies, this is unacceptable.

They all 3 (Nanny S included) stood there staring at me.

But I had no more nonsense with lunch after that.

I do think I'll let Nanny S handle lunch from now onwards. I might just feel a tad strongly about this.

More to the point, will you please think about donating something to the project?

This is one of my favourite things about blogging - how the Internets :) can do good (SO MUCH GOOD) in the world just by us bloggers raising awareness.

Practically speaking, if you don't know Louisa, you can Paypal me and I will EFT the money to her.

Otherwise, tell me about some of your food woes!


  1. I was going to ask you if I could send $$$ to you again for her. :)
    Here my motto is " you get what you get, and you don't get upset." Work on children and middle aged men. :)

  2. Thank you Marcia! It means so much to me how everyone helps out with these community outreach projects. I was just telling MrsFF yesterday that you guys are my community and that we always do great things together!

    Food woes: mine won't eat anything saucy. It's a take it or leave it thing for me and I do hope she grows out of it at some point.

  3. Louisas post also made my heart sore....! (Have done my transfer to her) . My kids are also very fussy.

  4. My son only eats white stuff now and meat. On Saturday I had hake and salmon. I gave him the salmon he told me "no fish, want meat" and ate the hake. I sure hope it is just a phase since he used to love his veggies.

  5. Ja I am a you get what you get BUT I do make sure there is something for everyone - I don't force them to eat things they don't like/want. For example - Jack would have eaten the banana and Kiara the naarjtie - I wouldn't make them eat both.

    Kiara is my non eater - it can be very frustrating. But she is old enough now to deal with it. So if she is hungry and doesn't want dinner she can make toast or something small.

  6. We are very much of the "eat what you get" school - even our fussy eater L eats what he gets. But it takes huge perseverance and a lot of persistence to get to that point.

    Louisa's project help me to clear out some old baby stuff - hope they can use it

  7. Ugh the food woes! Sensory issues in this house makes EVERYTHING harder. At least they are now eating orange vegetables. Next up is introduction of green veg. Am not really a fan of hiding veg in food because I want them to know what they are eating and I want them to learn to enjoy the natural taste. THIS is what makes it harder but, we persevere.I HATE food wastage so I tend to give them very little if I know that there is even a remote possibility of them not finishing.

  8. ps....Lance and I have no food issues. We are greedy guts!

  9. i love how you handled this with your two. an important teaching point about little problems versus big problems!


  10. This made me laugh because my SIL and I say it quite often that our problems are small compared to so many things that can go wrong

  11. My kids eat pretty much everything, and I don't give them an opportunity to moan, I nip that FAST. If you don't like it, you don't have to eat it (don't want to get into the cycle of eating every single thing on your plate even if you're full) but you must understand there is no replacement for what you haven't eaten. So if you go to bed hungry because you don't like what's on your plate, then that's your problem, not mine. Obviously I am not a complete tyrant, I do try to give them what I know they enjoy.. Hannah doesn't really like boiled eggs (she won't eat the yellow, only the white) so I'll always try to give her scrambled or fried. I do love your big/little problem.. I shall use that too! Because we have A LOT of moaning about EVERYTHING, like their lives are sooooooooo bad!!!!! Hannah has been freaking out at pips in the oranges. Normally I always buy navel oranges but for whatever reason we had a bag full of oranges with pips. First I was literally removing the pips for her and then I thought, this is crazy! She must learn to eat and spit out! And I refused for her NOT to eat them, so that was a very tiring and tricky little incident. Finished that pocket of oranges yesterday at least :) Will take a look at Louisa's post now xx

  12. All kids are the same...or should I say "all people are the same" . When people come off the streets to the Mission...all they want is a bed...even if it is a mattress somewhere on a floor and just a slice or two of bread....after two monts they start to complain about the people they have to share a room with and the food is no longer good just can't win.


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