Sunday, June 01, 2014

This has been a strange week

I had a wonderful start to June today but first, let's wrap up May.

My study is a MESS but that's to be expected when I did a mammoth photo project yesterday - I put the photos from our Singapore/ Australia trip (2004!!!!) in an album.


This meant culling all the stuff that was just more of the same to make the album actually tell a story.

As I played, D and I watched Up in the air (again) and I was reminded how distasteful some jobs are.

In fact, it was a little too close to home for me and I realised ANEW how glad I am to be out of consulting.

Melbourne - these two were taken with a "real" camera. As in film, developed in a lab with negatives, etc. I paid to have a selection scanned into jpg a year or two back.
I was also reminded just how much I LOVE putting albums together. I like finding a theme on a page, making some spreads just city vibes, some people, some a considered mix, etc. And best of all, bam, bam, bam and it's done. No fiddling and faffing - the photos tell the story and that's it.

Now I'm inspired to FINALLY print off more than the 2 photos I previously had from Thailand/ Malaysia (those 2 were in frames) and put them in an album.

The only challenge is I have to go from 370 photos (these were already edited down, years ago) to 72, because that's the space I have. Happy days - bring it on!

I couldn't resist - this one's from NYC
 Oh right, the strangeness.

Well, it was a year ago that... 
  • I first cried in the toilet at work and sent D an email saying something like "oh my word, I'm crying in the toilet at work. I think I made a huge mistake"
  • my car wouldn't start one morning, I declined the "offer" for the boss to collect me and that was brought up in two PA's as showing a lack of commitment
  • and these two days were the real clincher.

This was the first and only real highlight of my time in that team, where I felt that I was good at what I was good at. The rest of the (very few) good bits were things I had to scramble to get to so they didn't feel as flow-y and natural. Anyway.

I think it's all that and maybe taking things a little too personally that led to the unintended consequences post.

I didn't mean to make anyone feel bad (thank you for your lovely emails and comments) but for ME, it's worrying because normally things deteriorate over time and if this is month 1, I'm going to have 2 friends left by the end of the year. Besides blog friends turned IRL friends :)

My issues.

I still haven't changed my Link.edIn because I don't know what to put down that won't sound flakey but will still give me space! OY!

Two of you nailed it so I'm going to have to process some more and maybe write another post about it this week.

Gosh, this feels like a downer post. It wasn't meant to be but this is my life!

I'm still immensely grateful that I have this time. That is a gift to me, one I don't take for granted.

this was taken in July last year - where does the time go?
Aside from all that, there was a bit too much screaming at kids going on around these parts M - Thurs, and this week I'm determined to do much better. I decided I'm taking them to the gym if they're not listening so the personal trainers can make them run off that energy, and I can enjoy a cup of tea in peace!

Did anyone else have a strange week?


  1. I've had a real downer of a week actually, and I'm feeling rather crap about myself... not that I've blogged about it ;)
    Eish re LinkedIn... maybe say self-employed... that's what you're doing now anyway with the church stuff and your organisingqueen business

  2. My week wasn't bad, just extremely busy! I can't believe we're in June already.

  3. What a lovely family pic! And you know what, I love that you are sounding so much better than the last year. And go with Self employed. I had an odd week - as if I finaly got my brain back after the operation

  4. So it seems May is actually a "bad" month for people in generally! So many people have had an "off" time! It was a pretty crappy 2 weeks for me. I am in a very weird space at the moment and I need to shake it before it gets too heavy and wares me down.

  5. Last week was the last week of the month so it was crunch time for us in terms of getting orders in and hitting budgets. Stressful like always.


    PS - you really are sounding MUCH better!

  6. I had the usual "end of month" week last week. Crazy busy! Here at the Mission we never have a dull moment...I guess working with people has that pro ;-)

  7. We had SUCH a bad week last week, I'm never sick at the same time as my kids. In fact, I'm just never sick. Going to a doctor and having her poke and prod with my kids eye balls almost popping out because I was the one on the sick bed this time was a weird feeling. And then having to look after all three of us alone. I cried a few times. But thank God I recovered quickly! So last week was indeed a bit stressful :) Agree with the other comments "self employed" sounds good to me!

  8. I had an awful week last week. It led to me taking a timeout yesterday that did me the world of good - at least I have my perspective back.
    You are sounding sooooo much more like yourself these days. I LOVE that.


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