Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Voting Day

We vote at a school near us so we always take a walk.

this was the tiny queue!!!! And it moved so quickly. Straight after taking this photo, I took the kids to the side, set them up with their lunch boxes and when I turned around D was about 5th from the door

I scratched off my mark in the shower a few days later

Connor calls these "carrot" flowers. Louisa, what is the correct name?
our neighbours really have great walls to use as backdrops :)
After all the drama pre-election, it's been kind-of anticlimactic, hasn't it?
PS I've worn this blue top for the last 3 elections - 2009, 2011 and now, 2014


  1. It was a beautiful day! I remember taking a walk with K and the closest polling station to us was at one of the local churches! Quite a long queue but it seemed like the people were having fun!

    Yes, that was the word I was looking for - it's all very anticlimactic

  2. People get into the mood - there were people at our station with cooler bags and FOOD! (good plan).

  3. We had a MUCH longer queue experience than you! I don't mind though - if I get the whole day off to vote then I'll stand there even if it takes all day. We also packed snacks and refreshments...came in very handy.

    Those carrot flowers are aloes - there are many different sorts so I can't say subspecies, but definitely aloe flowers.

    1. yay thank you - Connor's going to be super stoked knowing the real name!

  4. Ours was good too. Our queue's were massive tho so I was very grateful to have a baby in arms that got us bumped to the front of the queue. My heart breaks for the masses who voted for the majority party and then got evicted from their shacks a mere 7 days later. The one sound byte that kept being played on the radio made me all tearful, the guy kept saying "how can my govt that I've just voted for treat me like this?"

    Ai. Anticlimactic indeed.

    1. Oy! I didn't even hear that sound byte!

  5. Aloes as Louisa says - and those ones are known in the "volkstong" as vuurpyle (rockets). And yes, very peaceful and happy day for most

  6. We went to our station in the morning and the queue was long, so we came back in the evening and it was much shorter and it was a quick, easy and rather pleasant experience. Zoleka came with us so she could cast her vote and she said, "well this is the last time I will vote with you, next election I will be retired." And I was like WHHAAT?? Haha! So yes, I have four years left with my stalwart helper! That is the moment which actually stood out for me in the 2014 elections! And yes, what an anticlimax it has been...


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