Thursday, July 03, 2014

12 awesome things about being self-employed

pink light from sunset!!!

Eek - my photo posts are piling up because I'm going on too many photo walks. Who would EVER have thought?!

These ones are called elevate the ordinary because yes, I am redoing the course I did in 2012.

So I'm paying attention to things that take my fancy and not feeling guilty about taking tons of pictures of the same things (leaves/ skies/ trees/ walls and interesting backgrounds, and of course, light!)

Meanwhile, let me tell you what is AWESOME about being self-employed.
  1. Not having to get up and out of the house on these cold (to me!) winter mornings
  2. Reading in bed til I feel like I want to sleep, instead of being responsible with the light off at 12 midnight
  3. Fetching the kids from school daily. It doesn't get old - I LOVE IT.
  4. Jeans and takkies every day.
  5. Morning gym on Thursdays - I've only missed one week these two months, the week I was sick.
  6. Having the freedom to run errands during the middle of the day. I've only gone in the mornings twice (all grocery shopping) because I don't want to waste my quiet hours when I could be working in a darn shopping centre.
  7. Getting a bee in my bonnet and just going to cook or bake something.
  8. Cooking at leisure and having it ready most days by 6 pm.
  9. Not having to wait to take photos of my organising or photo projects. Normally all of it would have to wait for a Sat or Sun afternoon
  10. Technically being able to go on photo walks daily. We go about 3 times a week - sometimes I just take my iphone. Once I just walked.
  11. D says spending quality time with the kids (his love language is quality time :))
  12. D says not being so grumpy from being at That Place.
(the kids started taking me for granted. As in, ignoring me and just brushing past me to jump in the car, so I gave them a talk and said if they can't behave, then Nanny S will walk them home and since then, MANNERS again)

This was a Thursday since I'm in my gym clothes


I love how moody the keys look

the kids painted this wall with their roller stamps one day when I was sleeping!

my bouquet was dying so I grabbed some of the flowers and tried to give them some life
Tell me what's awesome about being employed by The Man!

(I miss the people interaction)


  1. I would miss people too. But most of all you really just spund so very happy

  2. Love your photos.
    I am also at home but only partly employed. :) I love it too because my son is still little and I want to spend time with him.

  3. I love being able to bath at mid day
    (I miss that here)

  4. I couldn't tell you but I do know on the days I'm off I enjoy being able to wake up and not have to rush off to work

    Love the key pictures and the sunset on the wall. Stunning.

    I hope the paint can come off the wall!!!!

    1. it can't! The babies tried, Nanny S tried, Edson tried.

  5. Moody keys are brilliant!

    Working for the man's top benefit has to be regular paychecks haha...;-)

  6. I have to agree with Louisa - the consistent paycheck. That and... well pretty much that!


  7. Beautiful photos...I do understand the photos piling up. I have been lax at taking I am so far behind in the scrapping process.


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