Tuesday, July 15, 2014

All manner of housekeeping

First, some bloggy housekeeping.

1.Some of you lovely folk leave me comments and I click over to your Wordpress blogs, leave a comment too and I know it disappears into The Cyberspace.

If you've visited and left a comment, please check your spam folder. I would hate to appear inhospitable :)

(especially since I had such a lovely conversation with someone last night about hospitality)

2. And the Google + folks - I don't know how the heck to find your blogs - I just click on something and hope it goes to the right place where I'm leaving comments ...

3. Last but very definitely not least, the normal comments are behaving in a terrible fashion. I don't mind (okay, I do) them behaving badly ALL the time, but I do go a bit crazy when they're erratic in their behaving badly fashion.

So, some of your comments come through to email and some don't. Sam tried to help me decipher this "huge bloggy dilemma" over supper the other night, and we think it's got something to do with people commenting from WP accounts. It would be WP, wouldn't it? Because I hate it something terrible.

Do you know the only reason I blog on Organising Queen using WP is because when I was going through The Crazy Newborn Stage (that lasted a year), I needed a scheduling tool and at the time, Blogger didn't offer it, so I paid my lovely technical VA to move everything to WP all so I could schedule posts. Or use the times of less-than-totally-crazy for good.

Mental housekeeping

This may not be a shock for some of you but it was for me. I realised about two weeks ago that I'm actually never going to go back to work at the old secret place.

Is that strange?

It started when I was trying to make a friend date and I said, "I'll meet you at ____ shopping centre, but not at That Place".

Even when I totally get over the issues, I know I'm the type who doesn't look back. Also, this may be paranoia talking but I'm sure some people have badmouthed me.

So that's that.

Very strange to admit it to myself but totally freeing.

Business-y housekeeping

I went through my mailing list system last week and had a ball deleting things. I went down from about 43 templates to just 6. Yes! I love deleting things!

As part of that process, I also went through printables I'd created, added them to a members site I have going and sent out the link to all previous and current users of my ecourses, and clients, of course. It felt delicious (Sam, I always think of you when I use the word "delicious") to have all that stuff being used and the old things off my site.

I also made sure all my articles are in the online directories I use. When my VA is done uploading them all (this is important but not urgent - we have two lists we work from), there'll be 103.

Real housekeeping

Some of you on IG saw me start the real house stuff. I went through my kitchen and Nanny S went home with half a table of stuff on Friday. That was after the 5 jerseys and two maternity long-sleeved tops I decluttered.

I love my wardrobe with white space!

Next I'm attacking those handbags.

D asked me if I want a bag for my birthday and I said NO!!!! I mean, no, thank you, I have quite enough :)

this is not my house - I need to tell you about this though!

So where have you been doing housekeeping in your life?

PS on my list today, to do the personal budget (business is done and tithe paid) and sort out my My Documents. I've been downloading like crazy and just dumping things willy nilly. It's got to stop!


  1. I love WP.. I comment easiest on WP! I have issues commenting on Blogger actually! Maybe because I am signed in with my WP account?? Funny how people have their preferences, hey? :)

  2. I am with Robyn, WP is easy enough for me and I am having trouble with blogger. Google+ is weird, I agree with you... It takes you to random spots of cyberspace.
    You really are organised. I have been dreaming about going through cupboards again, but I do not have the courage yet.

    1. Hi! It is easy to post but not much else. To change HTML, for comments to come through, etc. UGHH. Drives me nuts :)

      Once the blogger approves my spammed comment, I'm good though!

  3. I have zero understanding of Google + and I am with you on the WP vs Blogger thing. As to my housekeeping I have miles and miles to do but I did do a big kitchen cleanout before we left on holiday

    1. It feels so good to toss things out!

      Thank you for the WP validation :)

  4. If I don’t want my comments to you to get lost then I have to type it up elsewhere first and then copy and paste it into your comment box. Even this is not always foolproof - this comment is attempt number 2 at copy and paste. Perhaps it is a WP thing, perhaps not. Yours is the only blog that I struggle with – I don’t need to do this on Rina and Lynette’s blogs. I do find that I don’t need to be logged into WP to comment on blogger but that I MUST be logged into gmail, otherwise it won’t work. I must tell you that I recently felt VERY unloved because I thought no one was commenting on my blog. Then I went onto the blog and I saw comments and realised that they weren’t coming to my email. I eventually found the emailed comments in my gmail spam folder! No idea how that happened.

    I am currently busy with my craft/stationery cupboard. I got a few cute things for my birthday and because school starts next week and Joshua is probably going to need a few things – I wanted to see what I have before we go to the shops. I was busy getting rid of all my yarn but decided earlier that I’m going to knit a square or 3 for Mandela Day. Once I finish that, then I will get rid of the rest. After that I have plans to sort out kitchen crockery AND the Tupperware. There’s just too much stuff! And more than half of them belong to my Mom because she’s always packing stuff for us.
    I recently decluttered the bags and passed them on to MIL and her friend. You are most welcome to send your bags this way! I will pass on whatever I don't like.

  5. I prefer WP! Blogger drives me batty ;)

  6. I'm also a WP lover. I find it more user friendly than blogger! I can't even comment on blogger at work has to be done on my phone. I will try on my home computer and see if it's better there
    Not much house keeping going in my house but once the kitchen is done I intend to get very ruthless, while packing up I saw things I didn't even recognize, those need to go because it means I don't use them or need them and I definitely don't want it

  7. Personally I love wordpress - I find it so much easier than Blogger and I actually started out with a blogger blog! Hopefully you can figure out what is causing the gremlins. I recently sorted and decluttered my shelves part of my cupboard - need to attack my hanging part next. I also decluttered all of Kades's toy storage thingies and put away nice baby toys for Gemma and donated the rest. I also did Gemma's cupboard - broke my heart to pack up so many new born items that she NEVER wore! Good thing a close friend is pregnant with a girl (also to be born in summer) so I hope she will use the never worn stuff at least once!




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