Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Birthday wish list according to the love languages

I'm such an easy person to buy gifts for, said no-one about me ever :)

I am actually easy if you know me but D says, "ja, right!"

I suppose I know what he means because I either want nothing (like last year) or I can only think of super expensive things :)

But as I always say to him, think about my love languages and you'll do fine!

One of the best presents he EVER got me was for our 10th wedding anniversary.

There was thought and care - a card with beautiful words, my Chicago love songs CD (I still love it!), 10 mini Cadbury's plain dairy milk chocs (this is STILL my favourite chocolate EVER!) and a few other things I can't remember (!) but that I loved at the time.

My love languages are words of affirmation and acts of service so I really like getting nice words in a card, and anything that shows the person took care and thought of me.

So with this 10th anniversary present - lovely words and all the things showed he didn't just scramble at the last minute but planned it and was listening and so on.

Easy, right? :)

One of my best recent presents was a handmade scarf in the PERFECT colour for me (seriously, people always tell me I look great when I wear that shade of blue I'm always wearing ;) knitted by a special friend. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that scarf. Not just because it's really perfect (long so I wrap it around me multiple times) but because she spent her time knitting that thing. I actually can't even imagine because I hate knitting!

L, is your love language acts of service too?

Anyway, I'm writing this post because I need my 2014 wish list in one place for D. Here we go:
  • Handmade anything
  • Of course, beautiful words
  • Home-made fudge, toffee, sugar biscuits, etc. :) Another favourite gift the year I was on maternity leave was a work colleague who made me scones and brought them over so we could have tea. PERFECT. Also her scones are OUT OF THIS WORLD and I'd always rave about them at work.
  • Castanet covers (I asked the spanish teacher where I could buy them and she said, "you make them" - oh dear! Then I'm in trouble!)
  • New castanets (these cost R800 so will probably be a To Marcia From Marcia gift :)
  • Waffle maker - I've been asking for a waffle maker for at least the last 10 years!
  • Medium sized pot - this is boring but getting necessary. I had 3 and the middle one burnt so bad (probably me doing rice) that I just eventually threw it out after things just kept sticking in it.
  • Personalised anything :) I break my rules when my name or initial is on it because I consider it a sign. One of the most fun presents was from a friend who bought me M notecards years ago (I treated them like gold and people who got them? SUPER special!) 
  • Red leather gloves (Woolworths) - I've walked in there at least 3 times, fitted them on, went MMMMM and then I take them off.
  • Thick winter cardigan that hits my bum at exactly the right spot (mid-bum, not above or below)
  • Any food experience - coffee/ tea and scone date, suppers, etc.
  • Massage vouchers - haven't had a massage probably for over a year
  • Woolies vouchers, and my absolute no-fail gift...
  • Novels from my Amazon wishlist (if you don't have one, you should make a wish list and send me the link! I love buying Kindle books for people - so convenient and just, well... sorted!) - I have only ONE physical book left, about 2 - 3 ready on the Kindle, and then I'm out. A good problem to have though.

Things not on my wishlist

People have asked about bags before and while I love them, maybe because I love them, I'm so particular about what I like and don't like it's just not worth it. Too much bling, too short a strap, my phone would disappear in there, etc. I am a bit fussy about bags.

And I don't bath (!) so if I get bath-y things like foam bath, I use that as body wash in the shower, and I give any bath salts, etc. to my mother when I see her (!).

While I was looking around the house for ideas for this post, I realised there are some things I have too much of probably because I love them so much - mugs, notebooks, pens, photo frames & photo albums, washi tape, non-fiction books, eek!!!

I probably have too many flip flops too... when it gets warm I'll have to declutter some

Now for the fun part.

Tell me what kind of gifts you like. Do they relate to your love languages? Also, what's not on your wish list?

PS I usually see these posts around Christmas because some bloggers do Secret Santa. It's so interesting to read what people like and what they don't like.
PPS You all know that I'm always very grateful for any gifts and the fact that someone thought about me is always appreciated, right? :)


  1. I think I know what I'm getting you ! Thank you for making the wish list :)

    I really never know what I want so anything I get is appreciated. I'm not big on candle (I just don't like naked flame) or tea or coffee. And aside from ice cream I don't really like vanilla scented stuff and come to think about it I really don't like any flowery smelling stuff. Citrus/fruity smells are fine but not flowery.

    I have no idea what my love language is

    1. TEEHEE :) I need to do the love languages with you!

      Most smells make me sneeze so I'm also not big on smells BUT vanilla? Mmmmmmmm

  2. I don't know what my love language is........ so have no idea if what i like is related. But I also love stuff that has thought behind it - hand-made or something that I might have mentioned in passing a while back and the person remembered. I don't really like expensive stuff and bath /cosmetics just does not work for me. I'm a soap and water kind of girl.

    1. that is definitely the best when people remember something from way back.

  3. That is a wonderful list Marcia...I hope you get most of what you have on your list.

    1. There are some things I will go get myself but most I can still live without :)

  4. I'm pretty easy to buy/get/make gifts for. I love everything...except gift vouchers. I love it when someone remembers something I said in passing too.

    My love language is word of affirmation I think.

    I'm so glad you like that scarf! When I see that colour I always think of you.


      Good thing I didn't get you a gift voucher! :)

      You do always send the nicest cards!

  5. Love your list :) I get the bath thing... I hate bath stuff too, I give them to my helper!
    I have no idea what my love language is either...

    1. LOL I must confess, when I first did the MAJOR declutter of bath stuff years ago, I gave about 10 bottles/ jars to the nanny too.

  6. I sorta laughed at your cardigan description - the bum coverage has GOT to be accurate for me too :)

    My love language is gifts and I'm introverted - I and I alone know EXACTLY what I want at any given point in time. At this point in my life, I think I love giftcards to stores I like so I can get what I want myself.

  7. I love your list. And I love gift vouchers - to me they are not boring at all. Love the wishlist idea on Amazon. And am a sucker for handmade things too

  8. I am all about the words and the QT so experience gifts are ALWAYS a winner for me. Also electronic books. Also gift vouchers - I must be the only person who LOVES a gift voucher. Also pretty stationary so I can write down some words of affirmation for others. From my DH I want experience gifts PLUS actual stuff that is wrapped.
    I think they sell waffle makers at clicks for cheap! Also. You can buy frozen waffles at Woollies or Pnp and pop them into your regular toaster!


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