Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bits and bobs on a Thursday night

I'm so glad so many of you liked the post I wrote on Sunday night. As you know, I feel quite passionate about living life intentionally so it's really nice when it resonates!

If you've thought about it some more since then, what are you saying yes to these days?

Are the trees in your neighbourhood also sprouting little blooms? This is probably one of the last photos I have of our "winter" tree.

I need to go take a walk tomorrow to show you how the tree on the corner thinks it's already spring!

I had a meeting this morning in Sandton and thankfully, the whole commute there only took 45 minutes...and I stopped for petrol!

I don't know if it was a fluke or what, but I'll take it!

The playdate on the weekend was a success except for the not-so-small matter of one of mine writing on my NEW carpet with a whiteboard marker.

Tips to get it out???

I told the kids to play with the toys and if they wanted to do a craft, to just tell me... and they didn't ask me for a thing. For nearly 3 hours!

At one point they did ask me to take down some Dr Seuss books from the shelf so they could all "read" to one another.

I made muffins and biscuits, both of which were tasty and accompanied the numerous mugs of tea and coffee very well.

We all had a good time and already agreed to go over to theirs next time.

And last but not least, have you submitted your tax return yet?

Louisa asked if we all knew where our wills are, so I'll nag about the tax.

I got the last certificate today (everything else has been waiting for just this one - I even had a note to phone them) and I'm such a nerd, I squealed. Yay - now I can send to my guy to do his magic.

Actually it's not that I'm nerdy; I really just like to tick things off a list.

Care to share any of your bits and bobs?


  1. We did our tax last week, hoping it would cover Liam's new school deposit which we need to pay this week.. and praise God it did and more.. lol :)
    Eeekk on the new carpet.. we have a wonder solution which Zoleka puts together in a spray bottle which seems to get all stains out..don't ask me what it is though!
    and YAY for signs of Spring! xx

    1. Please ask wonder woman Zoleka about her miracle solution.

      And YAY for money :)

  2. I tried to do my tax last week but I couldn't figure the website out *sigh* so I have asked David to sit and help me sometime!

    1. I can't figure that website out either which is when, after 3 X 20-minute wastes of time last year, I just got someone else to do it. Best money ever spent (okay I say this a lot but true!).

  3. Spray Doom (yes, I you read it right) on the ink - let it be a while and wash it out. Doom usually takes out ink -but it may take out other colour too so test a small bit?

    Have not done yet - but will very soon (Tax) .

    1. why don't I know about this Doom thing?!

  4. Taxes not done yet but I never get anything back so I'm never in a hurry to get it done.

    1. I get a bit back but NOTHING to write home about. Still... anything is better than having to pay in!

  5. My tax is done and dusted...1st of July when the return season opened. I used my refund to pay my dad back for Nicola's school deposit next year and some of it is going towards Polka's operation next month...the rest was spent on some much needed clothes shopping for me (and a few spoils).

    The doom thing is very effective on stains...even grease stains. Absolutely useless for killing spiders though. ;-)

    I don't know about carpets but those magic sponges you get at Westpac will take permanent marker off walls and leather couches.

    1. You sound like you had a Plan for the tax money - love how all of it had a job to do :)

  6. I'm so surprised you don't do your own taxes. I figured you'd love the number game!

    For whiteboard markers I've had great success with hand sanitizer, or anything alcohol based. That was for clothing, I'm assuming it wouldn't bother carpet color.

  7. Cliff does my tax for me. We submitted it two Monday's ago and by the Wednesday I had my return paid into my account! Helped pay for our dinners out in Clarens this weekend and has helped me with some unprovided for bits and bobs that needed buying.



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