Monday, July 14, 2014

Crikey, headaches!

Last night I had a terrible headache.

I was determined to conquer my email and I did. I only have 3 emails remaining - two testimonials to add to my site and Mandy's NYC pics :) - so I did WELL!

Go me!

And then I wanted to blog but I just couldn't.

It's like once my body knew the main thing was done, IT was done.

So I dragged myself off to bed and just got in.

I started imagining the worst (brain cancer and such) because I also happen to be reading about a woman who has cancer.

Is that just me, by the way? When you read a book like that or you've recently read a book like that, the minute strangeness happens, you start thinking the worst???

And just then, I remembered something Sam and I spoke about on Thursday.

Birth control.

YAY! I was supposed to apply my new patch on Sunday morning and that was the reason I had the headache.

Problem solved.

I slapped it on immediately, took two Panados and read a bit before I slept.

And today I'm right as rain.

In fact, better.

Because life when your body functions as God intended it to is about a MILLION times more pleasurable than any pain, especially when you realise it :)

WOOHOO - let's do this!

Do you ever suffer from headaches?

I have two friends who have BAD monthly migraines. The ones where you take to your bed and lie in a dark room without any noise whatsoever. I can't imagine!


  1. Glad you are better. I used to suffer from debilitating headaches- the kind you spoke about your friends have. Fever and vomiting etc but thank God that is now a thing of the past. I still get them but not as bad

    Oh yes!!! When I was pregnant I used to read a site with people who were also pregnant and due around the same time. I had to stop reading because it seemed I got every symptom anyone and everyone spoke about. I was so sure I would go into labour at 34 weeks!!!

    1. I wonder what changed with your headaches?

      Forums are really bad for pregnancy. I stopped reading when I was 8 weeks pregnant.

  2. Glad you are better. I get about a megraine a year and then its really bad - vomiting and all. The rest are mostly sinus headaches which can be quite bad in their own way

    1. oh man, the vomiting sounds terrible!!!

      You're right - sinus headaches are no picnic either. I don't get actual headaches but when the temp is too extreme from one area to another (cold outside to HOT shopping centre - cl.icks), I get that pressure which is so uncomfortable I just want to get out in the cold again!

  3. I'm not all that prone to headaches, but a week or so ago I got a really bad one that kept me in bed all day. i could hardly see out of my eyes it hurt so bad. Lots of kick ass pain killers and some well deserved rest and I was right as rain again the next day. I am very thankful that it's not an every day thing for me...I hate it!

    1. OUCH! That does sound terrible!

  4. I do love the picture in this post.
    I usually get headaches for 3 reasons:
    1. Dehydration
    3.Because I'm getting sick.

    I usually rule out the first two by hydrating and taking proper painkillers (proper = NOT Panado - am all about the Mybulens and the Nurofens etc). IF it's still there then it means that I'm getting sick. Then I take decent flu meds and go to bed.
    I am soooo glad that I am not prone to headaches. They are AWFUL! The very worst thing for me is to have a headache when I am not at home to medicate and sleep.
    Glad you're better and ready for action!

    1. Thank you - I was trying to choose only ONE photo and this one spoke to me!

      In summer I get the heat headaches but usually not in winter, and yes, then I drink two big glasses of water first. But anything stronger than Panado knocks me out good and proper.

  5. I am prone to headaches. They have gotten a lot better but they are still there. I usually try to sleep it off because meds just don't help.

    I was reading a book when I was pregnant about a women who had hot sweats at night - turns out it was also some type of cancer - I was having hot sweats so was convinced it was the end!

  6. :) stay away from those books!!

  7. I used to get really bad headaches but since losing weight and balancing my hormones they have gone away thank goodness!



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