Saturday, July 26, 2014

Elevate the ordinary

Ah, elevate the ordinary.

If any of you remember this far back, in April 2012, Mandy and I did Superhero Photo and straight after that finished, we did Elevate the Ordinary.

I did it as best as I could during winter (but it was harrrrrrrd forcing myself to go outside). At that point I couldn't take photos inside at all.

I've been trying to complete this course (the one after Superhero Photo) for two years, and finally I'm nearly there - I have a few more lessons and then I'm done.

It will be done by the end of July because I put it on my list :)

Well, it's been great.

I've found the lessons refreshing but also affirming. Because it seems I already elevate the ordinary in a number of ways, most notably I totally honour my obsessions.

The other day I was playing with blur (!) and when I looked at my camera, I'd taken about 284 photos in about 30 minutes.

So lovely.

I can't wait to pick through them all for the gems.

Speaking of obsessions, colour is another one of those obsessions.

If I see something cool, I go back there to take photos.

The kids and I have been on two colour photowalks. It's SO fun! Just Connor and me for the blue one, and then the other day all three of us on a pink photowalk.

It's just too much fun.

The photo above is the ugly bit of wall.

But me? I see potential in that ugliness!





And that's when I dragged the kids back there to take some photos.

How are you elevating the ordinary in your life?
Not necessarily with photos, but with anything.


  1. Ooh, LOVE K's pink against that background!!!

    I was just thinking about Superhero last night. I sure loved that (with a huge shout-out to MandyH!). I would love to do it again!

    1. Did you save your emails? I copied and pasted the content into a doc so I have it in Word and I can redo any time I want :)

    2. I sooooo wish there was a weekly(?) scavenger hunt with an open board to post and share. Just an unending, weekly hunt where people chime in as they feel compelled to.

    3. Start it! I'll join you :)

  2. Oh I love that "ugly" beautiful wall. Great pics. I almost always work with the ordinary - it's what life is about. And I now feel with a person that miss a limb after my camera was stolen.

    1. I'm deeply deeply sorry about your camera! Flip - I'd be distraught. Hope there were not too many photos on the card not yet downloaded. You're insured?

  3. Love the green of C's fleece against that "ugly" wall ;)


    1. A sure case of beauty is in the eye of the beholder :)

      he has LIVED in that thing this winter!


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