Friday, July 18, 2014

{Friendship Friday} This could have been so much worse

Last week I received an email from a 3 am friend (Louisa and Funso, she was at my birthday lunch two years ago) telling me she'd been hijacked.

Guess where?

In the TRAFFIC in Sandton.

Not to scare any of you who work there, but it was peak hour and the traffic was gridlocked. A guy knocked on her window with a gun and shouted at her to get out of the car.

She has something wrong with the shoulder closest to the door so swivelled and used her left arm to reach over and open.

Well, this man got more cross and banged with his gun on the window.

Long story short, she exited the car, he and his accomplice got in and drove off.

No-one else even stopped!!!! I mean, just picture it - a totally shocked woman at the side of the road without a phone or anything.

A lady in the car next to hers saw the whole thing, let my friend get into her car and did all the phoning for her. My friend was totally calm (too calm - clearly in shock) and could remember nothing except her home phone number.

This Good Samaritan lady was wonderful. Wonderful! Took her to a shopping centre near her home and waited til my friend's son could collect her.

A few days later at work, she had a little breakdown. She said it was so scary. The person on the other end of the phone was saying simple things (something about a client's investment payout) and she couldn't understand a thing. She was shivering, teeth chattering, and just crying and crying. Poor thing.

She's back at work now and interestingly, she is also "seeing someone", the same lady I saw! How freaky.


The people who are from here will know that this story could have ended up SO much worse. The car's been recovered, by the way... it was an Audi. Yes, they shouted and waved a gun in her face and bit off her wedding rings which all made me cry when she told me, but I'm so glad she's physically okay and on the mend to being emotionally okay too.

I saw the email late in the evening (10 ish) so I waited til the next morning to phone her and talk properly. So glad I did that. She spoke and spoke for about an hour solid.

I'm so grateful that God was with her that afternoon and that she was not physically harmed.

What are you feeling grateful for today?


  1. I'm grateful for God's protection always. That we get up and go each day and return home, sleep and wake up each day is not our own doing. I hear news of hijack, robberies, plane crash and I'm thankful that despite all the horror there is still some goodness and always a lot to be thankful for

  2. IN TRAFFIC! All for material things, so sad.

  3. I'm grateful for my family and friends, and my attitude...shame Marcia, your poor friend!

  4. Oy, terrible!! I was just saying to Julia that in light of the recent news stories about hi jackings.. particularly involving kids.. I want to have an age appropriate chat with my two about what we would do in such a situation. Byron says I'm being ridiculous and will only frighten them.. I just feel like I would want them to know exactly what to do..even though I know that one doesn't know HOW they would react in such a situation.. I don't know, still praying about it..

  5. This is just too terrible Marce - I am glad your friend is ok and that there was someone there to help her when she was so clearly in shock. I am grateful that my own smash and grab was also relatively innocuous and that I was safe throughout the incident. It does freak me out tho that I drive past my smashed window on the side of the road every day - now nearly 3 weeks down the line!!! A stark reminder to keep my wits about me always.


  6. Gosh, how awful for your friend. I’m so sorry. Great that she’s speaking to someone – PTSD is a nightmare on its own. Right now I am grateful to be able to comment on this blog. Under my blankets. It is FREEZING!


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