Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hello Mama Cat - a post about books and reading goals

This is for Mama Cat - I don't have your email address... and not sure if you check back in the comments?

I don't re-read books intentionally either. I have sometimes been about 20% through a book and felt like I'd read it before, checked my Goodreads and yes, about 7 years ago or something like that :)

I don't have to force myself to read (much) anyway. The specific goal mentioned in the post is due to my lack of self-control with books - I used to just buy and buy and I had BOOKSHELVES full, but could never get to because I kept buying. So I stopped (mostly) buying physical books about 4 years ago and that's since been a goal - to finish all the physical books on my shelf. The one I referred to in the post is the last physical NOVEL I have left - hallelujah!

I still have about two shelves of non-fiction. So things are looking up!

The goal is to finish all of these books and then just buy Kindle books.

I can comfortably read 4 books a month, so I had a goal for a long time of 5 books - that's purely to "force" me to relax because that 5th book means I would have had to create and carve out time aside from my standard before bedtime just to read. That's now a habit so I'm happy with my book reading.

My reading goal this year is 70 books because I've reached that number or close to it comfortably in the past - I read a LOT on holidays so it evens out the months when I read "only" 5.

This is a really nice explanation of the reading goals I posted on the blog looong ago.

Who else has questions about books or reading? (I will answer in the comments)

Do you re-read books?


  1. Hi Marcia, I appreciate you taking the time to make such a comprehensive reply. It makes sense now. I am big at the library. I read a whole heap on my tablet and it allows me to read in the dark too (I already wear glasses). I stopped buying physical books, unless it is part of a series that I want to complete for my bookshelf. I like the library because I can still get the feel for a book and also choose random books by their cover...this lets me read genres and authors would not normally choose.
    Do you still read books not on your shelf, eg. I lend and borrow physical books with people I work with and friends (it has to be people I trust to take care of return my books, I am not shy about saying no.)
    Once again, thanks for the reply.

    1. I absolutely read other books. That's probably why it's taking so long :) I would say 1 - 2 shelf books and the rest are Kindle books every month!

      Once I finish all the novels, and those on my Kindle (hoping to get a few for birthday gifts), I'm going to have to start going to the library again too.

      Love your book boundaries. I am VERY fussy about my books. If I truly love a book, I just won't lend it (I'll rather buy someone else one) but I do make sure the people are super fussy like me. I've let two friends borrow books before and while they were nice people, they'll never get their hands on a book of mine again, unless I was planning to donate it anyway!


  2. I can only reread certain books and I usually reread them at a specific point in my life. One book I LOVE to reread is The Shack. I usually reread it when I've gone through something painful. And then there are certain chapters within books that I LOVE rereading. There’s a chapter on FEAR in Life Of Pi that is just BEAUTIFUL. I think I should blog about that actually. Sometimes if a book has gone over my head then I may reread it – not immediately though. MUCH later. I find that my enjoyment of a book depends on where I’m at in my life and sometimes I’m just not ready for a specific read. Something I DO struggle to do is to stop reading something that I’m not particularly enjoying. Especially if it was a gift! I feel AWFUL when I do that!

  3. A book has to be superb for me to re-read it. Back in the days I think I read many Sheldon novels again but now - nope. If NF depending on the subject covered I might re-read a chapter or two


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