Monday, July 28, 2014

Hot chocolate, heaters and my heart

I've so loved reading through all the comments on last night's post. Also, page views look like normal again. Really, what is happening with blogging these days?

You know the comments and conversation are the best part of blogging and in case I forget, thank you to those of you who so faithfully leave comments here to encourage me to keep writing.

I was watching the Amazing Race this evening while attending to emails and finishing up a few things.... I really didn't feel like coming to blog but I remembered the lovely dialogue in the comments and that inspired me to make some hot chocolate to come write.

Thank you!

The wind is howling outside my window, as much as it does in Jhb (not very much). It feels very cosy in here with my big, ugly green jersey (I bought it in first year varsity - 1991! - at Edgars Grahamstown) and the heater.

So Louisa's let the cat out of the bag - I went to do a talk for her secret team on Friday, and while that was lovely, the best part this time was the preparation.

It's strange but there are two things I like about speaking - the energy of delivering the talk and that feeling when all my vague thoughts and feelings come together during my hours of preparation into The Picture.

I had such a good time putting it all together the last few weeks. I also realised again and again how my two languages of appreciation were just never spoken to me in that team. No wonder I was a flower who didn't bloom. It sounds a bit dramatic but yes, sometimes the words were said but you could feel the insincerity a mile off.

Anyway.... moving on to the real point of this.

I also noticed something the last couple of weeks, something we all know but we don't do enough of.

When I focus on my own life instead of caring too much about the versions other people display, I'm much happier.

Basically, run your own race.

If you're a bit PMSy (or stabby, as Julia calls it), just stop reading FB, IG, whatever. Much healthier for you.

I used to feel like I had to see everything every one of the people I follow on IG was posting but... no more. Who has the time? If I have 5 minutes, I scroll through, enjoy the pretty pics I see and consider it a win.

It's like my blog first, and then read other blogs rule I have for myself. Except I've been a bit careless with that one over the last week so tomorrow I'm on it again.

And last but not least, I am overall happier and more content when I'm plugged in enough to God.

I was sharing a few God-incidences with D last night (oh right, D had a birthday!!!) and he reminded me that my life used to be FULL of this kind-of thing. Lovely little and big happenstances all over the place, authored and designed by God. Very true - I love it!

So... what was the best happening in your life last week?

PS 9 days til my birthday!
PPS the photos with the leaves are straight from my camera - I've done nothing. That is their colour!!!!! LOVE them. My new favourite feet pics.


  1. Those leaves are amazing! They look like flower petals!

    I had my first larger presentation today at work...a Powerpoint presentation and everything. It was great. I wasn't nervous, and I felt like I still have "it". Yay!!!

    Glad you had such a great experience, and that you're able to reflect on it so deeply.

    (PROMISE I'll email you about work stuff soon! I was just thinking today that I haven't done that.)

    1. They are flower petals! Those photos were taken in front of a florist's shop :)

  2. I am so focused on my life I feel a bit selfish at the moment. I am behind in my blog interactions, haven't had many friend dates. This week is a little better and hopefully by next Monday I will have help 3 times a week which means I will have more time to get to everything.

  3. One needs to get selfish sometime my friend - if that would make you happier. We tend to spread ourself thin and it starts to wear us out.

    Last week I had a wonderful birthday

  4. I am so trapped in our little world at the moment it's no even funny. I need to be a bit less selfish and reach out. But honestly I have neither the energy nor the time.

    I am so glad you got your happy juices on and did a talk! And that feet photo is magic

  5. I thought those leaves were rose petals! Stunning, stunning, stunning!

    The happy in my week last week was going away with my hubby to Clarens, eating good food (not a care for the "diet") and sleeping and reading. I miss reading.

    SO glad you have found your happy and God-incidences again. Always a great thing when that happens.


  6. Wow...those leaves really do look like rose petals. You're so right about the run your own race thing. thing. Haha, since your talk I've had a semi constant flow of nice things being said about me. Some of it real, some of it not. It's been interesting. ;-)

  7. Gorgeous pictures. LOTS of anxiety in the last few days. I need a holiday and I’m making a plan to fit in a quickie somewhere in the next few weeks.


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