Friday, July 25, 2014

I have big plans this weekend

Edited to cross off some things from the list!
Family stuff
  1. Get K to make D a birthday card
  2. Make pancakes for D's birthday as requested by K 
  3. Walk with the kids
  4. Date with D

Fun stuff
  1. Do my party favours, or at least half of them
  2. Read at least one book
  3. Play with my artsyville washi tape
  4. Send off some happy mail

Productive stuff
  1. Declutter the pile of handbags in my bedroom 
  2. Tidy my desk
  3. Go through my clothes again (it helps to do it again a month or so later... you become even less attached)
  4. Get some advanced blogging done for when I'm on holiday
  5. Sort through last week's party photos as I'm seeing that friend next week
What are your big plans for the weekend?


  1. Fun weekend you have ahead!

    This weekend get vitality check done - all of us except K! Do 8km at discovery walk the talk and some reading - just started reading power of a praying wife, I've heard so much about it

    1. That sounds great and thanks for the reminder - I need to book my vitality assessment this week!

  2. How did it go?
    I shamelessly bought 13 new rolls of washi, and justified it with need to decorate plain school supplies! They were CLEARANCE!

    1. Just edited to update the post.

      Well now, then it would have been a crime NOT to have bought ;)

  3. We had a lot of things planned this weekend but after the shock of the camera theft we turned it into a fun weekend. Spur on Saturday night and after church on Sunday picnic with friends in the park. Then we all napped - it was food for the soul

  4. We spent the weekend doing pretty much nothing but reading, eating, drinking and napping in Clarens sans the kids. We both REALLY needed the time away with each other and away from the routine of being parents. It was bliss. I missed my kids but man alive it was nice to wake up late (7am on Sat and 8am on Sunday) and read and just chill.


  5. We did more or less nothing except a grocery run this past weekend. N is still.not feeling great so I decided to keep her as quiet as possible.

  6. Gosh I am so behind - this was Fridays post!

    We had a very busy social weekend. It was great :)


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