Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our first winter walk

These photos were taken very late one Sunday afternoon after we'd been out for lunch and got home.

When the kids are crabby, I take them for a walk. Helps to get the wiggles out and it's good for children and all of us to get some of that cold, crisp air on our cheeks :)

We literally had about 20 minutes before darkness so we just did a quick walk around the block.

I love this one - staring down the cat

for the Mandys

these two are so cute when they're in cahoots but not so cute when they ignore their parents and only listen out for one another

I'm sure I planned to use this for some meaningful post about cracks in my life/ thinking/ etc :) Oh well!


love this one - it is one of my favourite 4 of Connor for June
Which is your favourite?
What are your tricks to keep the crabbiness at bay?


  1. That last one of Connors galoshes is AMAZING!
    I am also about changing direction when the crankies show up. It's summer here so my issues are opposite yours, they are cranky-tired from too much running around outside all day. So after dinner they are usually falling over after being at camp, coming home to swim, and then play. I keep telling myself it's good prep for Kindergarten ( I know I need to post!) but it is nearly unbearable when you have two wailing they are too tired and it's only 6 o'clock!

    1. Please post about Kindergarten!

  2. I love that awesome twinness chat picture.

  3. I love the images...and I love the photo of your blurred hand and the cracks in the road.

  4. I like the one of them together.
    Mmm...crabbiness...usually if N gets crabby she's either hungry or tired. Hungry is easy, put something edible down near her (but don't tell her it's hers because she'll be adamant that she doesn't want it), tired is trickier. A drive usually sorts that out. With the music loud. That way I can skip the complaining bit and go straight to her peacefully falling asleep.

  5. I like the one of them together.. reminds me of my own two. As simple as it sounds, distraction is still the solution to crabbiness in my house. Whether it's going for a walk, introducing a new activity, having a cuddle... I love that they are at the age where I can also "talk" them out of their crabbiness. I can reason with them. They may not agree with me, but we can discuss their moods and generally I can talk them into a better mood! BUT.. we are still prone to the odd tantrum which NOBODY can be talked out of.. haha!


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