Saturday, July 12, 2014

Scary winter & scary inbox

This winter feels much colder than normal.

I know that's because I'm home and not sitting in a lovely, airconditioned office :)

I am USELESS at getting up in the mornings. I have my final final wake-up time (which I won't tell you since I'm going to get tomatoes thrown at me!) and at the very last minute, I jump out of bed, quickly do my stuff and get dressed. Or something like that.

How are you at getting out of bed? What are your tips?

Anyway, I've been doing photo projects over here - party pics are now DONE!

I printed photos for the brag book (I do the same every year) and I just want to print a few pics of the kids on their actual birthday to enclose in the family thank-you notes and then I'm totally done with the kids' birthday and can move onto mine.

I also have 54 messages in my inbox (15 from Caren :)) so I have to get all that sorted tomorrow because it's all making me crazy (not yours, Caren - the old stuff). Nothing has to get actioned but some things need to be filed, etc. I've answered on the iphone and have to note down things on the computer, etc.

All that to say "short and sweet" posts until my inbox and my study are back to normal.

These are photos from one of our many walks.... aren't the branches scary? :)

How many emails are in your inbox?


  1. I stopped fussy with email when we left. I came back to 153. In 2.5 days! I need to go through and unsubscribe to a zillion things.

    1. I'm the queen of managing the unsubscribes. I can sign up, if it's not doing it for me within a few emails, i unsubscribe immediately. This was unfortunately nothing that easy. But I'm DONE!!!

  2. I unsubscribed to many things. No unread in my private inbox? Who knows...will see tomorrow.

    In winter I get up by 8, exercise for an hour and get to work by 10. Summertime I get up at 7 same routine and get to work by 9.

    1. Lynette, I love your winter routine! Much more sensible :)

  3. I've been getting up just before 6 to get my walk in before leaving for work but with the plague hitting our household (LOL) that went out the window for a week. Now I'm
    Back to waking up early again but only planning to start walking before work again tomorrow

    I have too many unread mails but I usually skim through make sure there's nothing pressing - those I deal with immediately everything else I mark as unread. I use this system for work and personal emails

    Yes it is a cold winter but not colder the usual even though my house especially the lounge suddenly feels colder. But that's because I'm not using my trusted gas heater this year because of K

  4. This winter IS much colder than usually, it's not just your house. ;-)

  5. I decided this holiday to try and keep up with work emails (I had to as I was sick so long just before we went on holiday). It took me about half an hour a day to handle the important stuff and I have to say it makes today so much easier to be back.

  6. Gosh, I have been terrible with emails lately. There are currently 78 unread mails in my mailbox. That is WAY TOO MANY unread! Very unlike me to not pay attention to emails – in actual fact, it means that I’m out of sync and need to get in some quiet time. This is on the to-do list for Wednesday. If it's urgent. then they will phone me or send a whatsapp or whatever.

  7. 15 emails, really? Aren't those the pics I sent?

  8. My personal email box is clear. I get personal email on my phone and Ipad so try keep them up to date on the go, it's not like I have many emails anyway. Work wise I have 4 unread... all things I am currently avoiding to be honest but I can't avoid them for much longer I'm afraid.

    Usually I am ok with getting up in the morning, but with us having been the house of the plague for the last month and a half I am battling to drag myself out of bed every morning. Usually I am up at 06h00 and out the door with Kade by 07h00 to get to work by 08h10. BUT lately that's more like out of bed at 07h00 out the door at 07h40 and at work by 08h40.



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