Thursday, July 31, 2014

Show and tell & Kendra's model face :)

This term the kids started doing show and tell.

K was first last week and came home on the Monday to tell me what she wanted to talk about (my seashells) and she even got a container to put in the ones she liked.
She seemed very confident the whole week so I let her be. (I'm the complete opposite of a helicopter parent)

On Friday I noticed the shells left behind. I was quite freaked - I don't believe in chasing up after kids but I reasoned that she had prepared the shells, she just left them behind. So off I went to the school on the way to the talk.  

Coincidentally she was the second person I saw and she said I could take it home because they were done already.

Later, leaving Louisa's workplace, there were THREE missed calls from the school.

Anyway, long story short - I went straight there since it was time to get them anyway and the teachers told me K said she didn't practise and didn't have her stuff. But they did it anyway. I told them that was true - she prepared earlier in the week.

They said they'd send me the video of her later.

Well. It was excruciating.  She was absolutely frozen to the spot. It was actually painful for me to watch. The poor teacher had to ask questions and then she answered them. But 1 min 18 seconds of agony.

I love this light fitting! One day the owners are going to catch me taking photos of their house!
So then D kicks into gear and says, "this is nonsense. From now on, we are PREPARING". Like that, in caps.

The teacher said K could do show and tell again this week so she and Connor are both being PREPARED by their father daily.

I have to video them saying it, and then they do it again with him. Connor is like me - you can't get him off the stage when he knows his stuff - but K hates it. HATES.

I'm leaving her in D's capable hands. Apparently you approach these things different as an introvert :) so he is coaching her. Lord, have mercy!

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow but let's move onto happier stories.

You know how on the wedding photography blogs they have the brides pose with their model (non-smiling) faces? Yes, well, Kendra has it down perfect :)

My model face just makes me look cross. Sam, you have a great model face :)

This was winter walk 3.

on the L side of the street, grey skies

on the R side, blue skies!

isn't this wall magnificent as a backdrop?!

"oh Lord, give me strength"

The model face

Which is your favourite?
Are you taking walks on the weekend?


  1. The pic with K's head in her hands is priceless!!!

    But bless her soul on the show and tell! I can feel your emotion in your post.

    If I saw a video of my kiddos, I would probably be tempted to practice with them, too. I haven't really even thought about "practicing", though. Oops???

  2. Little models both of them! Love all the pictures!!!

    Hope things go better today. Looks like hardwork is required .

    Walks - yes and with the weather getting warmer there are many more organized ones

  3. That is a total model face! And the wall is stunning.
    Yes we do mostly with the dogs too.

    I though C would hate the orals etc but he urged me to enroll him in the English schools speech festival and he has his poem down to a T - every expression etc Yesterday he even asked to do drama next year! I was a bit shocked. He is like me - on the surface extrovert, in the inner most, and introvert. A is a total extrovert. A that is almost a pro is not preparing as well as she usually does - I have decided that at 9 I will let her be. It's her 3rd year she is doing this and should know better.

  4. I can understand K's hatred of being put in front of people to talk. I felt quite sick as a child when I had to do it. She will be okay though...leave her to D. I love your photos. I really have to start taking photo walks too.

  5. Haha, you're right about the model face!

    Wow, okay - I thought everything was fine after she told you they had already done it. I would never have guessed there was a problem at all. Good luck for the PREPARATIONS! I hope it goes better this week.

  6. Poor kid, I was the same when I was young. Very glad that neither of my kids have that issue. It was torture.
    Good luck with the prep

  7. She needs to practice and do better? Gosh guys she's only 5! Maybe I'm off the mark here but she has her whole school life to stress about stuff like this... Poor little mite!

  8. I'm so surprised at how Liam is like this too? He has a BEEEEG mouth all the time, but put him in the spotlight to give a speech or whatever and he clams up! And this after me COACHING him?! He is by no means an introvert, but I do think as he matures and becomes more aware of himself and aware of rejection from some people, that he has become more guarded about just putting himself out there.


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