Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vision boards, life lists, goals and so on

Two things:
  1. Those are petals, not leaves. I took those photos in front of a florist's shop :)
  2. Also, what I said about blogging first, before reading blogs, etc. Elise wrote about it today too!
this is what I look at about 3 - 5 times a day. This one is nice and clear before I start planning but isn't it nice when it's so clean?!

I thought I'd manage to get a new vision board done during July but it's not going to happen.

I'm not in the right head space to do any thinking past next week and these are things you don't rush. Also, I thought it might be a good idea to do a little podcast accompanying the pictures which I can then blog.

However, Julia did her vision board. So proud of you, Julia!

I love the dappled light across this poster board
I have looked at my 40 things list and I definitely need to read that last physical book before next week.

There are a couple of things on there that honestly, really? What was I thinking? But that's the beauty of individually organising your goals - they're yours and they must work for you.

I'm wondering how I'm going to do goals for this next year, if I'm going to abandon the yearly birthday lists or what. 

Any ideas? I have done these for 4 years now so I need a bit of a difference.

"just because" gifts :) Don't you love the colour?
My current book is taking me so long. It took me ages to get into because there were just too many people to keep track of. Now I'm finally into it.

Then I'm reading some non-fiction to clear my mind :)

Do you consciously read different types of books to give yourself a break?

Also, I'm thrilled with how the party favours are coming together. They're looking super cute! I still don't know what I'm feeding the people for dessert but that's never a problem, right? Everything looks good :)

Somehow I've got to get through a "party" (it sounds silly to say a party when it's really a lunch), packing and then getting to our holiday, all before my real birthday.

One day at a time!

How was your Tuesday?


  1. I wish I could read different types of books to give myself a break but I don't. I read the same genre, same authors sometimes even re-read my favorites ad infinitum

  2. I think you know I read at least 3 books all the time. I sometimes need a break and I may on one night easily pick up and read a bit in each.

    I love those bags with the stripes - lovely colour too. Good luck for all the planning - wish I could be there for your lunch but alas, but H and I will be running like mad people after a day of hockey, chess and a party (and the usual horse riding). I also had to say no to a family kitchen tea but perhaps that is no loss actually.

  3. I always read different things to give myself a break. I do not much like re-reading the same book.
    I know you are very into lists and goals and it is inspirational...I have a question about the books: Why do you force yourself to read so many books in a certain period? Maybe I am just getting the wrong end of the stick. I love to read and sometimes I will read a book in a day and sometimes it will take a few days.

    1. my reply was turning into a blog post so I'm going to answer you in a post :)

  4. When I read a lot (before kids) I would have 3 - 5 books on the go at once. I could easily keep track of all plotlines and characters and now... well now I battle to get thru one book at a time. It's very sad. I am hoping that once Gemma gets a bit older that I can rekindle (excuse the pun!) my love for reading to the level it was before. I miss it. A lot!

    Enjoy the party planning! I am sure the guests are all going to have a divine time! And it is a party (who says parties can't be at lunch time??)

  5. My week.is heading straight into a legal drama (luckily not my own). It appears that things have obviously been tampered with so the good news is that I'm not in fact losing my mind (yay!). N is still acting out...bit a little less with each episode (I'll blog about it later).

  6. You are so inspirational, actually your last years of choices has gotten me thinking about my own life. Time I make the choice and just do what needs to happen.

    I actually like a variety of books, selfhelp, fiction all kinds, there are some books that I just cannot get into though, when I have books like that, I put them to the side and try at a later stage...

    Awe, parties, such an awesome time for celebration for you :)

    My Tuesday was ok, just barely made it through, my Wednesday...not so much...

  7. I LOVED doing my vision board. Have just put a reminder into my phone to take a picture for you on Saturday morning when the light is good. I have abandoned yearly birthday lists. Well, kind of. This year I’m doing only 5 “groups” of 36 things. Eg take 36 family photos, take 36 GREAT self portraits, declutter 36 areas in my home etc. You get the idea? I also have write 36 articles (this is the challenge) and I contemplated adding “learn 36 new skills” but that would be pushing it. For me at least. I do consciously read different types of books. I find it helpful to read something light and mindless if I’ve just read a heavy book or if I’m in a reading slump – it helps a lot to get me back into reading. Also. A party = a gathering to celebrate an event – it can be held at any time. You’re having a party!


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