Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weather, friends and kiddie playdates

Can you feel it?

For two days now I haven't needed the heater on in the study the ENTIRE day!

This is momentous.

I think it's starting to warm up.

Let's not kid ourselves; it's not spring yet, but it's pleasantly cold. Still cold enough for jeans, sweatshirts and takkies but not so cold you need all those extra layers.

But I didn't say this, okay? Because we know what will happen if I actually say those things.

Yesterday and today, three friends sent me one of those, "so how ARE you emails?" and do you know what, it was at the perfect time because I'd had some "ugh" feelings these last 2 - 3 days.

Perfect timing from them - I love it!

Thank you again if you're reading :)

There's this little girl in K's class. Her father also works from home so he and I run into one another when I fetch the kids.

He initiated a play date between the 3 kids which we did a few weeks ago when his daughter came here for the afternoon.

I've always directed just a little bit (Bryan Adams song :)) and then I leave the kids to get on with things. How this works practically - I leave out beads and ribbon, and then they make their own stuff, etc. That day, there were scissors, glue sticks and lots of different papers/ textures and they got on with it, and then there was pretend play if I remember correctly. I tried to feed them lunch but no-one was really hungry, so it was seriously about 10 minutes of my time in total.

Well, my two went over there on the Thursday before their party and Nanny S and I got the house party-ready amidst baking.

They came home with perfectly coloured in sheets, painted rocks, they had muffins, toys and KinderJoy eggs (I still have never had KinderJoy eggs. You?) and when I picked them up, the nanny said he was just finishing reading them a story. He definitely got no work done that afternoon.

The kids thought they were in heaven!

They love going there (this was the second time; first time was her party) and now want her to sleep over. I told them I'm not mad; you two are enough work!

We really like them (the wife is a bit quiet) so we've invited them over for a kiddie playdate and tea on the weekend. Let's see how this goes. #milestonesandsuch

I do know I'll have to have a craft or two ready :)

How are you doing?


  1. You know it's raining in CT right... means that it's cold again this weekend! ;)
    Sounds like their playdate was a hit!

  2. Just a little hello. :) I am trying to catch up on work this week (I took a complete and total break last was wonderful!), and TRYING to make a dent in pictures. I promised you a couple of years ago I'd never get so behind again...but I was editing OCTOBER last night. I seriously need a new system. :/

    That, and we're squaring away everything (FINALLY!!!) with the old house.

    Lots going on, but it's all good.

    Missing your sweet voice. Hope you're having a good week. (And love that pic from Bryant Park!) :) :)

  3. My introvert self is hoping for just one of these "friends" to appear when the girls start school. My bubble could use some alone time!
    P.S. Airfare for four is roughly 5-6000 DOLLARS, not rand, incase you were wondering. I don't think I could afford to come home!

    1. that is also OKAY with me! :)

  4. The weather has definitely been much more pleasant this week...we'll see how long it lasts. ;-)

    Thanks for your email yesterday - it's been a very emotionally draining week for me. My line manager keeps sending me home because I think it disturbs the other people a bit when I sit at my desk doing the ugly crying. Feeling much better today thank goodness...I seem to go by a three day anything goes kind of grieving process before I settle down into a more manageable sadness. I'm okay with that.

    One colleague asked me how I'm coping and if I need to talk to someone (of the white coat variety someones). I explained my three day thing to her and said generally when I write about it I can close the book and it's over. I let her read my post from yesterday and she burst into tears about her own mom who dies many years ago...and then she gave me a hug and bought me chocolate. Generally everyone has been really nice and supportive.

    Onwards and upwards I guess...

    1. You are very welcome!

      Your guys are really so nice!

      Tomorrow's going to be 15 - b rrrrr.

  5. 1) Yes, there is a cold front coming.
    2) That playdate sounds far too organised. The most I did was throw a ball amongst the mons...munchkins, sit back and pour a glass of wine. :)

  6. It is definitely feeling warmer to me as well. Fingers crossed it stays and we can keep the kids HEALTHY!


  7. Wow, what an organized playdate! My method is: First let them freeplay. If they get bored or if there is any issues get some craft stuff out, place on the table and let them create independently to their heart's contend.

    And a great win to find a playmate with parents you actually like.

    1. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

  8. I ♥♥ the outdoor lounge area in the photo above...stunning wish it was mine. In PE it is still unpleasantly cold...and the moment the sun is down it is freezing...I am counting the days to summer.

    1. I love that lounge area too - it's like a bonus room!

      My mother told me exactly that - she jumps in bed as soon as she can because it's just too cold

  9. That sounds like a wonderful play date the kids had both at your house and at the friend's place. Though I'm sure a sleep over can wait for now. I love the colder weather, usually I just sit in front of my has heater and watch TV but with K and no has heater, I also just jump in bed as soon as I can

  10. How was your play date??? Secondly, I don't believe the cold weather is over. NO WAYS! Brace yourself! Oh we love Kinderjoy eggs!


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