Saturday, July 19, 2014

Well, yes!

Indeed, I spoke too soon because it was cold today. Brr.

I've already had about 4 mugs of tea/ coffee and am cradling another one now.

I just checked my Goodreads and how in the heck have I only read 2 books for the month so far?

I know I've been reading Proverbs too but this seems wrong. So I'm going to read the books I want to, instead of the ones I feel I should read (books that have been on the Kindle too long).

Speaking of books, I bought a Kindle book for a friend today. Then I used the back button on my browser to go buy me a copy too since I thought maybe she'd want to read together. In any event, I wanted the book.

I think I was sidetracked because I bought another copy of the book.... again for her.

At first I thought no way... but WAY. Amazon didn't even tell me something like "you've just done this 2 minutes ago". (like FNB tells me when I want to pay the same person - my savings account - twice a day)

I went into my account to check and yes, two different invoice numbers. How perfectly annoying.

Nevertheless. Moving on.

My study is a MESS.

I'm sorting out 4 birthday presents at one time which means gift wrap! cards! washi tape! ribbon! ALL OVER.

And I still have some of the kids' gifts in my study because... well, I don't trust them to not lose bits and pieces so they need to be used under supervision. Nanny S doesn't give a jot about making sure all bits are together if she's with them, so I have to figure out a way to sort all this out.

I thought it was normal to be like me. When the kids pack away anything, I count - are all 18 markers in the set? Are all the puzzle pieces in the correct box? etc.

Do you do this too?

Anyway, I'm going to do a quick tidy and jump into that bed to start a new, fun book.

What are you reading at the moment?


  1. In which my long chatty comment got eaten on hitting publish. Just to say... we definitely COUNT everything. I cannot endure lost/broken bits and pieces...

    1. #counters unite!


      Sorry about your comment getting lost!

  2. I've learned to give something's up, puzzles aren't one of them. Instead I have bins of similar things; bins of all the playmobil stuff, bins of magna tiles, tub of dolls & doll accessories. But we don't have a whole lot in the way of toys so that certainly helps [we're going to have even less tomorrow :)].

    1. Remember I'm the one who can't let go!

      It feels like such a waste for me because you can't even donate things if a piece is missing. So it does drive me BATTY!

  3. Good idea on checking when you clean up! I often think about it but never do and as a result, end up doing a puzzle with a piece missing or can't find certain toys that mister at that moment in time. Reading a book about correcting/disciplining toddlers - a Christian book that my mum got for me - prefer stories (fiction) but giving this one a try especially 'cos Ethan is starting to push the boundaries...always good to get some food for thought :-)

  4. Some things just go into one place (Lego ie) but the "books" are in a file. Other things I count like markers etc. Lucy does not do it too - drives me a bit dilly

  5. Nope. I don't. It would drive my mad trying to keep track of I just don't. ;-)

  6. I am not OCD about a lot of things.. but puzzle pieces drive me insane. I strip them out the box immediately and put them along with the picture into tupperware where they are safe from cardboard boxes which bend and break or those little plastic bags they now come in. I have a specific drawer in Liam's room with ALL the Lego in it. I can't stand kokis / crayons / pencils all over the show and missing from the pack. ESPECIALLY if I need a blue colour and IT ISN'T THERE!!! Grrr.. Reading the Proverbs.. last night tonight actually :) Just finished reading some soppy romance which I downloaded for free on the way down to Harrismith to fetch the kids last week.. I cannot even tell you what it is called!

  7. I am reading a Nora Roberts called The Collector - really enjoying the mindlessness of it.

    I have learned to let certain things go - the khokis etc are in a tub - all mixed, I am anal about lids being on tho cos I cannot STAND dried out khokis. Lego all in one drawer, cars all in one drawer etc.

    Puzzles I am crazy about - it drives me nuts Cliff just scoops all the pieces of different puzzles together!~ FREAKS my OCD part out totally.


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