Friday, July 11, 2014

What I'm working on around here...

This week was interesting...

I was out three nights this week which is a lot for me - we went out for the kids' birthday on Monday (crazy! it was freezing), Spanish as usual on Tuesday and I met lovely Sam for supper last night.

So my routine has been non-existent.

However, when I don't get work done, I do lots around the house. Organising and cooking. The nice thing about that is it always works out to be a blog post or two for the Organising Queen blog. And steps on the Fitbit which is always a good thing :)

When I repacked the party things last weekend, I got irritated by the state of the sideboard so I "went wild".

Unpacked everything, decluttered some, repacked and made very pretty. So satisfying that I open those cupboard doors daily just to stare and smile :)

I was so stoked after that I moved straight onto the kitchen. And ALL the kitchen cupboards are sorted as is the fridge. I can't bear to do the freezer yet. Brrrr.

And then yesterday I sorted our jerseys. I'd decluttered 5 so I fitted on all the rest and decided if I liked them or not.

Point of interest - I have two jerseys I bought in my first year at Rhodes (1992!!!!). One is decent and the other I wear in winter over all my clothes because it is HUGE and warm.

Party-wise, the thank-you notes are done (that's for another blog post!), I'm busy sending out photos now and then this weekend, I have to choose my 36 top photos and print them for the brag book. Have I told you how much I LOVE having creative boundaries?

As for other photos, I'm done with June and I've even done Project Life.

this is what it looks like mid-photo project
I feel very on top of things at the moment.

My goal for next week is to really adhere to my to-do list and get my stuff done quickly so I can have "more of a holiday".

I realised this week that since I've been at home, I've been on the go continually. Work, photos, organising, kids, walking, crafting blog posts, cooking, baking, on and on and on. And I'm only reading at night.

The truth is I've never not had ideas for my business. If I grab a mug of tea to brainstorm, I could write a whole list of things I want to do, not even need to do. Today I was writing a new webpage (I LOVE that I have the freedom to tinker with my website to my heart's content) on my site and while I was doing that, I rewrote two others, changed my mailing system emails and wrote a blog post. All that from ONE thing on my to-do list. Hmmm. All good things actually so it's all good.

And now I want to fix tons of other things. I have actually started a master list again. Normally I wouldn't have the luxury for anything that didn't need to be done but this time I do. I just need to not go super crazy obsessive.

I need to create some space to think and be creative too. And to process my "issues" too.

To that end, I've scheduled time to play with some things I've had in my folder. Like this one from Danielle la Porte:

(feel free to send me emails if you wish to answer a question or two)

It's been so cold that I avoided leaving the house and therefore doing the grocery shopping.

I'm actually challenging myself to see how long we can last without going :) So far my record is 10 days but this week I lasted 9 days. I usually crack when there are no tomatoes - that's my downfall.

Of course this also saves money but my D doesn't see it that way. He's not too keen on my grocery shopping game. My thing is "there is food; maybe not the first choice but no one's starving" :)

Do you play grocery shopping games?

What's been going on in your side of the world?


  1. I don't like shopping...but I love to I force myself to get the things we need. Most often I send B to do the grocery shopping. We bought her a little Toyota Aygo for her birthday and now I have more freedom as there is no picking up and dropping Stefan off at the play school.

    1. Very good deal for B :) Also, good on you for delegating the horrible part.

      I decided I'm going to postpone it til Friday if I can.... let's see! I'm cooking from the freezer and pantry this week - I want to use up the old things.

  2. Haha, I'm sure I've told you how I shop. I really dislike going to the shops. My schedule is TIGHT already and going shopping just doesn't feature on there. So I do one big shop a month, and unless it's really critical - that's that for the month. It helps that we use long life milk and that I can bake bread if I want some. I will break my shopping fast for a bag of apples though, they don't always make it through the month and N loves them.

  3. I love the dreaded grocery shopping. I will take that over clothes shopping for myself (I hate the undressing and dressing up part) any day the only thing that trumps is show shopping. My absolute favourite

    I try to limit my trips to the shops but certain things unfortunately I have to stop by a couple of things in the month but for most things I shop every one or two months.

  4. I do only go to the shops when I’m completely out. I find that if there’s a lot of the same thing then they are more wasteful. In my life it really is more because of necessity than anything. My husband does NOT like it.
    Right now I am working through a list for each kid. They both have some admin stuff that needs to be sorted and I want it done before school starts next week. Also. I am planning my social diary for the rest of the month! Am VERY proud to be making actual plans DESPITE the cold.


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