Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Whoosh! So that was June

Flip - June went by quickly... for me.

I still had some of that "OH MY WORD I can't believe I was in that situation last year this time"

Last year on the 24 June I applied for a new job for the first time, thereby admitting to myself that it wasn't working.

Crazy city!

Here is my June goals post.

Anyway, aside from all that thinking, I did a whole lot of doing. I...
  • wrote a whole 20-part e-course which ended up being double the work I thought it would be but was worth every hour spent writing it
  • went to 4 parties
  • got totally and completely up to date on my photos. All of our overseas trips are now documented and printed and organised in photo albu
  • read 10 books, 4 of them physical books
  • went on 3 official photo walks with big camera, and numerous others with the iphone or no camera
  • had dates with each kid, and with D 3 times
  • cooked and baked a lot (7 new recipes)
  • passed my Spanish exam
  • did not even hit 10 000 steps once in June (a whole separate Fitbit post to come)
  • only lost 0.5 kg (I lost about 1.3 when I was sick and then gained some of it back)
  • none of the friend stuff I planned happened :( but there were 5

For July, some of the things on my list:
  1. Launch the next thing :)
  2. Book holiday! 
  3. Get through kids' party
  4. Finish planning my own party
  5. Make a wish list for D
  6. At least 2 1:1 friend dates
  7. Read 8 books (my last fiction physical book, Daring Greatly... and 3 non-fiction physical)
  8. Finish elevate the ordinary
  9. Try 4 more recipes while I'm on a roll...
  10. Read Proverbs with Julia
  11. 200 000 steps..............................
How did you do in June?
Share just 3 of your goals for July.
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  1. Things are very interesting here at secret place at the moment. This week especially, i am having a pretty grand time.

    Privately, I had a BIG aha moment yesterday - BIG! I can't decide if i want to laugh out loud about it or have a bit of a happy cry. Anyhoo, I may or may not share it at some point...

  2. June was ok! As usual you got a lot done.

    July I want to log at least 100km on Nike+ . In June I did 72km, hmm so maybe I should aim for 80k more realistically;) . Read 2 books and go to the gym at least 3 times a week

  3. June started well for me but then it descended into being a pit of ill health and serious sleep deprivation. I loved hosting Kade's birthday party and having my own birthday BUT all the sickness between the two kids really stressed me out. Work was also SUPER demanding and honestly I am SUPER glad to see the back of June.

    Goals for July - have at least one Kade & Mommy date - he needs to have some one on one time with me that does not revolve around me caring for Gemma at the same time. Have a family walk at least once a weekend every weekend.

  4. Proverbs, vision board, Weigh Less step 1 and finish your book so I can send it back to you!

    June was REALLY hard for me.


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