Thursday, August 14, 2014

4 days now...

Guys, I've had headaches for 4 days now.

I'm wearing my patch so it's not that.

The only thing I realised this afternoon that I've done differently this week is I took a multivitamin every day this week - I have used this one before but it may be that the batch is old (I found it while decluttering and sorting the kitchen!)

Tomorrow I'll not take it and let's see if that works.

The other thing is the water issue. I haven't been drinking my 2 L a day and while it's warmer outside, my house is still cold. Yesterday and today I forced myself to drink all my water and my headache went but too late in the day to do anything useful (6:30ish).

I have one glass left for today. So there's that too.

And I've had no caffeine or chocolate this whole week. I'm just covering all the bases.

Now, yesterday while I had a headache I also had a dental appointment. Turns out a root canal is needed but whatever. I'm at that stage with health. Whatever. Let's just do it.

Best? Last night I drank water and had one cup of decaf coffee without pain on the right side despite only having a temporary filling, so things are looking up.

However, imagine having that drilling going on while you have a headache! Yes, I was DONE after that. I drove home and crawled straight into bed.

D thinks it might also have to do with bl.ood loss (tmi - sorry!) so I made sure to have some red meat for the iron.

This morning I was fine so off I went to gym. I walked in, heard the pounding music and wanted to walk right out. Instead, I moved to the quietest part of the studio and did my best. That may not have been the best move because again, useless once I got home.

It feels so wimpy but I honestly prayed today, LORD, please take this from me!!!!

In other news, Edson brought his "brother" with him to work in the garden today so I had a bee in my (headachey) bonnet and moved the study around. BOOM! (well, not me - them - but I directed)

Also, I did the budget last night. It was a very "insightful" process. I always feel totally at peace and like I can trust God 150% whenever I do the budget. It's because I can so clearly see His provision. I really should just look at it weekly.

I'm now dipping my feet back into the employment pool. So if you see anything great around that I may be interested in, give me a shout!

And two last things before I go play with some photos...

These two posts are just beautiful... and so thought-provoking.

Please read them and let me know what you think.

Affected - Chookooloonks
Momastery  (sorry, the other link's been taken down but read this one instead - JUST as good, just different. Give me gratitude or give me debt)

How was your Thursday?
How often do you do your budget?


  1. Are you sure you shouldn't go see a dr? Or maybe it was the nerve in the tooth that is responsible!

    The second blog link doesn't exist! I'm guessing the author might have taken it down. The first one AFFECTED me more than I expected and that is exactly why I've stopped listening to news for almost 2 weeks - too much violence and all because of intolerance! And made worse by the fact that I was in the US when many of the incidences she referred to happened!

    1. I'm hoping that all the stuff will sort it out. Otherwise I'll be at the doc bright and early on Monday morning.

      Also, I see it's been taken down!

  2. You shouldn't play around with constant headaches. Maybe see the doc and get an injection to break the cycle.

  3. I hope your headaches go away soon! If you think you are low in iron, nettle tea is a great way to get some iron without needing red meat. Let us know if you end up seeing the doc on Monday.

  4. Yikes! When were your eyes last checked? That's usually a big indicator for me.

    I loved gratitude the other night, Affected-wow! Spot on! The truth is that people are no longer surprised, and that is horrifying. The police state that town has turned into is unimaginable, and it's setting uncomfortable precedents.

  5. I hope you feel better. I hardly have headaches, so having one for 4 days straight would be a nightmare.

  6. I get headaches for 3-4 days every month...and I assume it must be the estrogen drop. It drives me to my bed when I have the luxury of being home. It is that nauseous eye pulling type headache. The one time I went to the doctor because I wanted prescription drugs for it and he did some tests...I had a stomach infection and esophageal infection....and all I had was a headache!
    So go see a doctor if it not going away.
    I review the budget monthly. Hubby and I are on a mission so we like to see where we are.

  7. I have had a dull headache for ages now but mine is from this flu thats doing its rounds. I forced myself back to gym on monday and I am feel a little better now.

    I look at the budget daily until the debit orders go off, I update the phones, water and lights etc and then I don't look at it again until D knows what his next salary will be (usually the week before pay day

  8. After 4 days I'd be ready to chop my own head off - yikes! Are you feeling better yet? O_o

  9. I do hope by now you are better. Sinus maybe with the change of seasons?

  10. Hope you are feeling better now. Headaches are no joke! re the posts - loved the gratitude one and the affected one had me thinking. So often we get a bad rap about the racism in our own country from countries like the one the author lives in and honestly it angers me that they can be so holier than thou when they are just as guilty of it as people in our country are.

    Also, can the colour of our skins just not matter anymore! For goodness sakes there are way more important/more pressing issues to worry about in our world!

    Ok. Rant over.

  11. Oh no about the headache!! Catching up on your posts, I see you are feeling better :)

  12. Ah. Yes. Both of those are links that I read. Loved them. I just use ALL THE DRUGS for headache. Not panado. Am all about using proper things! Also. I don't do the budget enough. Am going to outsource it - causes me anxiety.


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