Tuesday, August 12, 2014

All things death but some smiliness too

Edited to say that link is fixed! I see it disappeared after I tried to make it a bit smaller.

This morning in my Instagram feed of all things (I usually equate IG with lovely things) I saw that Robin Williams died yesterday.

So tragic.

I don't know much...but I know I love you.


I don't know much but I saw two tags referring to mental illness and depression, and that's just very sad.

(no, I don't go googling these things - why would I want to do that?!)

That's 1.

The morning after my birthday I had a Facebook message and D had an SMS from his mother to say that a friend's dad died in Australia. Incidentally, this is the same friend we are not that close with after staying with them!!!

That's 2.

And then when we arrived in Jhb late Sat afternoon, D switched on his phone to another "lovely" SMS from his mother. This time his sister's FIL fell down stairs and died.

That's 3.

And it's quite enough.

But let's focus on some loveliness for a minute. And things that made me smile really big ::)

I sneaked this pic of young loverrrrs. Are the waves not magnificent?! It feels all "Gifts from the sea"-ish

And this. Now click through and go read the hashtags! If you like that kind of thing, follow her. She writes the best captions and hashtags that always make me laugh.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Very sad! Yes I always knew he battled with depression and addiction. May his souls rest in peace.

    And so sorry to read about all the passing! May God comfort all the families they left behind

    I can't find anything clickable but maybe it is because I'm looking at this on my phone

  2. So sad to hear about all the death that you are experiencing at the moment. My condolences to you all.
    Yes, depression is a very dark and not cool place to be and it takes more lives than we realize.

  3. Lots of sad - so sorry. But yes, I think Robin Williams because he was such a huge person in terms of personality(and funny too) really shook the world.

    And I think the link is missing?

  4. I am sorry for the 2 that effected you guys personally. The loss of Robin Williams is felt by all - maybe because he was so larger than life and it's hard to think of someone who came across so exuberantly as a depressive? Anyway his death is a loss to many.

    LOVE that sneaky pic - I too can't find a link to click ;-)

  5. If you need some loveliness, know that I'm loving the goals work I'm doing with your workbook. I also posted a picture of my lovely nails painted with a color you would approve of working on my goals in Instagram today. You must go look!

  6. Oh no, I am so sorry about all the deaths!
    Oooh I just LOVE that pic of the couple. The waves are beautiful!!!

  7. Oi.. death hey... sorry for the losses :(
    LOVE that young lovers pic!! if I EVER catch my daughter in that pose I shall positively FREAK out. lol

  8. I do not see the lovers. But I DO see those magnificent waves. It's all I can look at. Soooo sorry about all this death and darkness. I read a BEAUTIFUL blog post from chookaloonks the other day. About depression. Was a link on some or other blog. Going to see if I can find it. Have never actually read her before.


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