Friday, August 08, 2014

{Friendship Friday} Good problems to have

So I had a little lunch last weekend to celebrate my 40th.

As I do with everything, I planned it all out in my lovely A5 pink leather notebook.

First I started with a list of names of everyone I wanted to invite. Since I wanted to have it at home (I feel going too big is financially unsound right now), I was kind-of limited as to how many people I could invite.

When I made my list, there were tons and tons of people (about 50 initially) and I had to narrow it down to only invite 34.

We ended up with 16 RSVPing yes, making it 18 in total with me and D. I have a terrible RSVP rate - some of which is just bad luck (5 friends have birthdays within a week of mine!) and others I'm not thinking about since I prefer to focus on the positive :)

I was a bit frustrated at having to exclude some people until I realised something:

too many friends is a good problem to have

It wasn't that long ago (probably 4 years) when I felt I had almost no friends and prayed to God to send me some good friends.

Gosh, and now I have tons.

I've really sensed over the last while that I need to focus in and tend the relationships I do have, especially those that are very reciprocal.

That's one of my focus areas over the next year.

What are some of the "good problems" you have with regards to friends?

PS it's Louisa's birthday today!
PPS D says I need to get some Indian friends :) so that the entire rainbow nation will be represented at my parties. He's a funny one. For the Americans... Indian is not derogatory in SA!


  1. Hahaha! My mind immediately went to friends from India. ;)

    I have to laugh to myself about this...I don't take the term "best friend" super literally. I have my BFF from home, and then a couple of BFFs here. I found out a few years ago that one (from home) is very sensitive to me calling anyone other than her my BFF. Now I have to remember that when I speak of my other friends to her. ;)

    I love, love, love that you got your friends together for a party. :) :)

    1. Oh yes, cultural-speak!

      I get your friend's POV but it's tough to watch your words so closely.

  2. Haha, love the disclaimer. But I would friend them for some good eats over representation! ;)
    Friends are a wonderful thing to have, so glad you had time with them! The introvert in me is cringing at the though of 16bodies in my house! Yikes!

    1. definitely for good eats too!

      that's why I had to request "no kids"

  3. I have a lot of acquaintances but very few real friends. The upside of this is that I know that I can count on every single one of them if I should need them. I am a bit of a loner that likes my own company xxx

    1. Awesome! They're all 3am friends :)

  4. How blessed you are my friend. And I cant wait to see you soon. I had to smile at D!

    1. I can't wait to see you too. He's a funny one, my D!

  5. This is a GREAT problem to have! Glad it was such a success and you had such a divine time.


  6. Yes, a good problem to have! Glad you had a special time! I have wonderful friends, I wouldn't trade them for the world.. especially because I am far away from my parents and siblings, my friends have become my family away from home :)


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