Monday, August 18, 2014

Headaches, bees and interviews

Let me catch up on a few things:

The headache is all gone! I'm still being a little cautious, as in I'm drinking my 2L a day even if I don't feel like it (on Saturday I only managed 1,5 L) and avoiding caffeine. I've also only had one small Cadbury's Dairy Milk slab, which for me, is like avoiding chocolate :)

Thank God!

Also, I was stung by a bee on Saturday at a party. Milestones I don't wish to repeat!

Apparently it was in my hair, I just felt an annoyance and flicked at my head. And the bee stung me. Of course I screamed and had a few helpful people try and get the stinger (?) out. I still think there's a small part in there but it's mostly fine now. I had visions of My Girl - dying dramatically... or being rushed to the nearest hospital, which my friend's husband told me was right there and he knew the way. Comforting!

At the same party, I warned the kids that last year there was misbehaving and this year I will have none of that. They were fine! My kids always get more and more into it as the party progresses, so they had a BALL right at the end when we had to go. It was just getting colder and colder, and while the grey skies are beautiful, we weren't dressed for SUPER cold, only cold :)

This is weird too - my camera just flat-out stopped working right at the end. Battery was fine, but wouldn't click. Maybe overwork??? I shut it off (imagining schleping it to the camera shop on the other end of the world) but when I got home and switched it on, fine again.

We also had our interviews with the school principal on Saturday. I loved it. First time ever in the principal's office (first time for D too!) except for when I had to have a brief chat with the principal as the newly elected SRC chairperson. Those were the days when my bolshiness was a good thing!!!

This principal is a lady (which is a lovely dynamic for primary schools, don't you think?) and she's also a mom of girl/ boy twins and an ex-colleague of my 3am friend who was hijacked (Mrs FF, she was at my birthday lunch).


The kids will be in the same class next year. Can I tell you it was so nice to be ASKED what we as their parents would prefer?! I did say that the current school policy of no twins shall be in the same class or play together at break time may work for other twins (works fine for the same gender twins, according to my friend) but not for MY twins. She agreed! She said it was better for her two also in the early years to be together and only to be separate in the later years.

So when I told the kids about the interviews, they said, "what will she ask us?" and I didn't know but I guessed, "maybe what you like doing...."

I then asked them what are their favourite things to do.

K - watching movies with Daddy,  something else and still something else

C - sleeping

K - well then, why don't you SLEEP instead of talking to me at night?! (my feelings exactly)

Yes, she's getting sassy!

C - okay, sleeping, eating and watching movies with Daddy

Me - what about me? don't you like doing things with me?

C - I like being with you all the time but we don't need to be doing anything specific. (this, right there, is a quality time child!)

Me - okay, what about going for walks?

C - oh YES, that IS one of my favourite things to do. And to take photos with your pink camera (Sony Cybershot).

I finished all my photo organising and printing for July and wouldn't you know, my little Canon had JUST enough paper and ink to print them all. I love it! My printer just stops when the cartridge is empty - it won't carry on at all. Because there's nothing worse than 95% complete.

And this is a good place to end. Because I can quite happily ramble on forever.

What was interesting about your weekend?

PS Obviously all the photos in this post were taken while on a photowalk with Connor (winter walk 4)


  1. Bad milestone!!! Good you are not allergic! Ok I had a fright! My Girl the movie not K!!! Phew!!!! Interestingly anytime I see a bee that movie pops into my head.

    Glad the interview went well! And I never got the policy of twins not being in the same class I understand not sitting next to one another, anyway I'm sure there must be some "logic" to it.

    Did the kids have their interview yet? How did it go?

    1. I think that movie may have frightened all of us at the time...

      There is a twin dynamic and depending on the teacher, they could "lump" them together and not see them individually, esp with same gender twins, I think.

      We all had an interview, then they left and we had the parents' chat!

  2. I love the way you punctuate your posts with stunning pictures. It just...makes it so elegant. Sorry about the bees and headaches. Glad your twins can be together.

    1. Heather, thanks! I'm taking that... elegance! HA!!

  3. Glad you're not allergic to bees!

  4. You've escaped them for 49 years! That deserves a medal!

    We have our teacher/school intro on Friday and the ladies are overly excited. We'll see if that lasts once we cross the threshold, I expect one to clam up. I had a fairly blah weekend, but we had an awesome Monday. We're just slowly counting down our last days together. **tear**

    1. 40 years!! Fat fingers!

    2. LOL I was thinking WAITAMINUTE, she thinks I'm 50???

  5. So glad you are not allergic. And the principal sounds great. At our school they give parents the option to decide but from grade 1 its policy to split but parents still get the final choice. (in C's grade 1 year there are 3 sets of twins (not counting him in) = two sets are split and one set is together) For us it was definitely the right thing to split and I do think from grade 1 competition gets in play and yes then maybe it is the right thing but just as each child is different each set of twins is too.

    1. Yip, each set is different. You have to weigh up their own personalities and circumstance.

  6. That last picture is stunning!

    And I'm so glad you had a great conversation with the principal. I really love the principal at the girls' school...she related to me as a mother and a grandmother...and that made a huge difference in me feeling comfortable with that school.

    I got the My Girl reference right away, by the way. That's an oldie but a goody (save for the lethal bee sting, of course). ;)

    1. Thank you! That soccer team practises there late on Sunday afternoons so it's fun to act like a stalker, meanwhile I'm taking photos of the sunset :)

      I SOBBED at that movie!

  7. I love that little conversation the three of you had about their favourite things to do :)

    1. The conversations are GLORIOUS! I wish I could remember them all!

  8. Such cute conversation! I LOVE it. I got stung by a bee once. It was awful and I cried! Love the last pic on this post. weekend was pretty standard actually. Maths tutoring, beach time, reading and knitting.

  9. LOL I spent so much time in the principals office :)

    I cried like a baby when I was stung for the first time at about 18.

  10. The principal sounds really nice...I hope both your babies will be much happier at this school.

  11. Sounds all good re the school and the interview!

    Glad the headache is gone and sorry about the bee sting - I was once stung by a bee in my mouth (it had landed on a piece of candy floss and I stuff it in my mouth) PAINFUL! Thankfully I too am not allergic.



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