Sunday, August 31, 2014

I couldn't wait to cancel!

I went to chat to both of the red cell phone providers the other day because my contract expires on the 7 th.

I only briefly considered getting the iPhone 5 but actually, I'm still really happy with my 4s.

Why waste money when you don't have to?!

And truthfully this picture is why I can't wait to move from my current provider. Not only does my phone go straight to voicemail about 95% of the time because there's no reception but this is what happens when I try and use the internet. 

So I'm going to take a normal contract without a handset and if I feel I need one later (or D decides he wants an iPhone) then we'll take out another contract and port my number. 

This is my major little project for the week and I'm going to save R200 a month. Yay. 

Shall we talk cell phone bills quickly? 

I spend R330 pm and in the two years I've gone over only twice, both months when I was on holiday and didn't have access to my wonderful wi-fi at home/ work.

The new contract is R149 pm with 75 mins, 200 SMS and 1.2 GB (I had 50 mins, 50 SMS and 250 MB before.... And it was always fine).

What do you spend?

Ps tomorrow I'll have to catch up with my instagramming and again, hopefully this post publishes...


  1. Don't get me started on my monthly phone bill. I get too many SMSes but not enough data. If I'm good my talk time is just fine. I need to reevaluate my data usage and spend in the next month because I think it is just too high

    1. I was wondering why you were quiet on IG. I tagged you on a post

  2. I dont want to even mention mine but it is a company contract and structured for work - so I guess that is another ballgame. BTW my new iPhone 5S as replaced after the other one broke has way longer battery life than my other one had. I do not need to charge every night! (So keep that in the back of your mine if it is an issue for you)

  3. Ha! Phonebills...

    Well I pay about R650 a month, if I keep a reign on my data usage. Keep in mind that I don't have wifi at home or at the office, so that's my connection everywhere. I get plenty of talk time...that I hardly use, but when I feel like phoning someone I don't think twice about it - there is always available minutes. I can quite happily have an hour long conversation if the spirit moves me, so I'm happy to bank minutes for days like those. I think about R250 of my bill is on the handset, that falls away after a certain number of months and then it comes down a bit...usually just before I get an itch for a new handset though. Hahaha...

  4. Urgh, this is one area of spend that I HAVE to get under control. That said I use my phone for work and also don't have home wifi... AND I just had to take out a 2nd contract to get a phone cos I was smash and grabbed recently... my bill last month was just over R2000.00!!!! WAY TOO MUCH!!!!! LIKE WAAAAAAAAAY TOO MUCH... (Normally it's just on R1200.00 per month) I just can't seem to get it lower than that.

  5. You know I finally got a big-girl phone in January of this year, when I started working part-time and needed to be able to check email when I was out and about. Our first bill was a bit higher, until I realized how little data I actually needed. (I am very disciplined with my phone and use it basically to check email now and again. I don't even have FB loaded on design! No need to tempt myself!) My bill was about $80 a month. Over the past few months, J has been having huge issues with his prepaid cell...very sparse service. I finally convinced him to get a "real" phone (not a smart phone, but he can now receive texts!). It only increased our bill by $5 a month, so we're $85 for the both of us now. (He had been paying $15 for his crap-tastic phone!) That doesn't seem too bad to me...unlimited text and calls, and more data than I ever touch (that's the smallest data package).

    I, too, have the 4s (I think). Don't need anything fancier for myself. :)

  6. You pay what?! I could vomit!
    So our plan is shared between G & I, and we pay $10 for mil to share our data with her iPad. For unlimited talk and text with 4 GB of data between us I'm paying $200/mo. Google tells me this is 2135R.

    What am I doing wrong?!

  7. I pay R222 per month and never go over! I got a free handset (but still using Blackberry!) I get BIS, 200 free sms, R150 talk time (i never use it all) and 1GB data.

    But i am NOT happy with my RED service provider and am going to move back to my old blue service provider when my contract comes to an end. And I want an iPhone next!


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