Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm craving Mexican food!

I'd heard of this place for a few years now and wanted to try it.

When D said that he'd had a promotion and asked where we should go to celebrate, I mentioned this place and he was totally on board because he says I'm normally boring with food (it's true!).

So off we went to Cafe Mex.icho in Melville. We had a lovely waiter and I loved the grittiness of the place, but the food was just okay. Even the Spur's burritos are better (does Spur still do burritos?).

I put this one in for my American friends. (I'm always interested in the roads, signs and so on, and I figure other people are too?)

my favourite pic - I love it and him!

red on red!

my burrito - okay, but nothing to write home about

we popped over the road for pancakes. Do you know what they told us? The pancake batter is done for the day! Also, THAT CAR!!!!! (I only sneaked two but really, I wanted to take TONS from other angles too)

so all we had was tea/ a latter for D

we stopped in at Showtime Video (D's favourite movie rental place in Jhb - seriously, he drives 15 km to get here when there are places 500 m from our house)

this is the place with the rose petals!

I still love this pic - who knew that grey and orange go so well together
So... is there any place in Jhb with GREAT Mexican food? And who is keen to meet up there?

Which is your favourite pic?

PS I'm trying a new thing - to put no more than 10 pics in a blog post. Sadly, I failed here but I had 24 starred so this is good for me!


  1. Congrats to D on his promotion! To many more good things

  2. Ahhhhh wrong side of the road! Always fun to see.
    I'm craving Chipotle now and although not terribly authentic, it is tasty! I really need a photo walk.
    Congrats to D!

  3. I LOVE Mexican food!!! My new team took me out for lunch last week on my first day, and I chose my favorite Mexican place. I ended up there again on Friday. And then I met friends there for lunch yesterday. The family and I will probably go this weekend. Seriously. Love. ;)

    That car is so cool! My A would have a fit. She's so keen on antique cars these days. HA!

    And yes, congrats to D!!!

  4. Congrats to D!

    I was also craving mexican food a few weeks back. Sadly the place I popped into was very disappointing so I've got no suggestions sorry.

  5. Congrats to D! And love that car - just the right colour. AS to photos - love the red on red most but all are great.

    And Mexican and me are not friends - essentially the beans and me are no friends

  6. I've heard that Mexican Fresh is really good. There's apparently one in Craighall and I've seen on at Chilli Lane in Sunninghill. I haven't tried it myself and it's apparently more take-out-ish but maybe give it a try if your craving's that bad?? Congrats to your hubby :-)

  7. I am soooo hungry for Mexican food now! Gorgeous photos. :)

  8. I love the car picture. I am very adventurous with food but interestingly enough I just don't like mexican food. I think it's because I get bloated from those beans. In CT we have El Burro that EVERYONE raves about. And we have The Fat Cactus. I think my sister went for mexican food some weeks ago. I will ask her where she went to.
    ps...if Spur's burrito is better then that food is VERY bad. I hope that they were at least reasonably priced!

  9. Lovely photos. PE has a lovely Mexican place :-p

  10. That car! Divine!

    Also Congrats To D!

    I am always keen to meet up but I have NO clue on the hip Mexican places in JHB ;-)


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