Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm no beauty blogger but...

Don't worry - this is not going to become a beauty blog!

Aside - I sometimes see a beauty post on a blog and I wonder how these girls have the time for that whole routine. Then again, maybe they sleep less than I do :)

Let's talk about those things in the pic above and tell you why they're my current favourites.

1.Garnier Nutrisse

I used to use the cheaper things in the very beginning of my hair colour journey and then I tried Garnier Nutrisse because it was on sale. The angels sang at my lovely nourished hair! Then, when the twins were little, I switched to Loreal Excellence 10-minute colour because I had no time for faffing. But this year I switched back to Garnier and I'm happy again. No other hair colour makes your hair feel so good afterwards. Costs about R100 a box at Clicks.

(this is not a sponsored post but it should be)

2. Olay Complete Care Daily moisturising fluid with SPF15

This is such a lovely light moisturiser and I've used it for years. Now and again I try something else but I like the lightness of this the best. It costs R90 and lasts me about 5 - 6 months. Yes, months!

3. Essence Nail Base

I once asked the lady if Essence (the colour you will see on my nails 98% of the time) was any good, and she said it was but that ANY colour will stay longer if you use a base. "You do use a base?" I said no, but I was willing to try. This stuff works. I bought mine a year ago and it cost me about R25. If you paint your nails, use it!

4. Wet and Wild Intuitive Blend

We shall say no more about this dear love of mine because I've been stretching out this last tube - only using it for special occasions (like the talk I did at Louisa's secret company). I better just use it up and say farewell. Mrs FF couldn't find this at the CVS when she was in the US.

5. Sorbet BB Cream (medium)

I've blogged about this one before. Still using the same tube. I loved the comments on the original BB cream post. The Sorbet one has an SPF too.

6. Beaute lipliner (nude)

I received a lipliner as a Christmas gift one year and at first I thought, "seriously?!" but when I started using it, oh, the heavens opened.

It really does keep your lipstick looking good (lipstick is the one item I am NEVER without).

Also, my one ex-boss really is one of the most well-dressed and put together people in the office and she actually carried lipliner and lipstick to meetings and such. Before we left desks for a meeting, we'd all do the lipstick thing. I joked (but not) that our department had never been as put together as when she started working there. True.

Since I prefer not to pay R100 + for a lipliner from Clarins no matter how fabulous it is, I found this one. It's the Clicks one and goes on sale straight after Christmas and mid-year too. That's when I buy mine for just R10!

Tell me about your current favourite beauty products.

How long do you take to put on your face in the mornings?


  1. I myself also liked Nutrise hair color when I coloured my hair myself. It leaves your hair just much softer opposed to the other brands.
    You know me, I don't wear make up. So no time needed there :)

    1. Exactly - you can FEEEEEL the difference

  2. This makes me wonder if I need to do something...I do not own a single bit of beauty things at all. Unless you qualify hair shampoo and conditioner as part of it. I have no face to put together? :)

    1. it must mean you have great skin!

  3. You know I love Annique's products for my skin. And I also love the Essence nail polish. I have given up trying to colour my hair at home - I just can not get the right colour at all.

    1. at heart I'm quite lazy about my hair BUT I don't like salon prices at all :)

      I should try these Annique things one day...

    2. I don't know about that, may just be I am lazy

  4. I don't put make up on daily but I am scouting around for some beauty products this month.

  5. I don't put a face on in the mornings...just a dab of moisturiser. Wash my hair, no conditioner, no styling, no colouring...and off I go. ;-)

  6. You know what's awesome about the Nutrisse, it's the conditioner! Love how it leaves your hair feeling so soft! PS: it's cheaper at Dischem. I've only just started using a base and top coat.. makes the world of difference. I only started with a serious face care regime when I turned 30. I don't use toner because my skin is relatively oily, but I wash and moisturise religiously, twice a day. I put on a bit of face powder (only use foundation when I'm going somewhere special), a bit of eye liner and mascara and usually a gloss. Takes me all of 4 minutes. How do I know? Because I put my face on while my kids brush their teeth in the morning and we have a 3 minute teeth brushing timer and I know it takes me juuuuust a bit longer than the timer :)

  7. When I home dye I also love Garnier! BEST home dye ever.

    I wash with Dove soap, tone with Garnier and put on a night cream at night. Day time I wash and tone and then put on Revlon base, Essense eyeliner, Revlon eye shadow and Revlon mascara. Without kids my routine takes about 3 minutes. With kids it can take up to 15...


  8. I haven't been super excited about any of the home hair dyes I've tried, so thanks for the tip. That one is easy to find here!


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