Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mr Quality Time


Do you have a quality time child?

Connor is my quality time child and we spend a lot of time together, going on walks, taking photos, just being together. I can visibly see the difference in him since I've been home.

He's calm, pleasant, loving and not at all needy... with me.

But they need time with both parents. So he is a bit crazy when D gets home.

Again, different child when I take Kendra to do something "girly" so the boys can spend time together.

This love languages stuff is AMAZING.

I'm offering workshops and private consults if anyone (anywhere in the world) is interested. Let me know.

i love this kissing pic!
What are your kids' love languages?

PS Kendra's main one is physical touch. If you've visited me recently and had the pleasure of all her hugs, you'll know that!


  1. Yes, I got my hug from K.. and I just love how she yelled to me as we were leaving "love you, bye!!" Awwwwwwwww :):):) Mine are both feelers..they love physical touch and they both love words of affirmation (much like their mother). I love that last rosy cheeked kiss photo.

    1. K is indeed a BIG hugger. At my birthday party, there were two friends who are BIG huggers and all 3 of them got in their fixes :)

  2. Beautiful shots of him!

    A is definitely quality time too. Poor child, it's in short supply in our house. But always there's the - mom come listen to my flute piece, mom can I stay with you for 5 minutes longer, can I help you here? But she is also a great admirer of acts of service and need affirmation too. She loves them and will always express huge appreciation. But time must be her no 1.

    C is physical touch - he is the only one that can not get enough hugs in the evenings before sleep. The other two I can hug and kiss and they are happy. He has to hug back, kiss back. His no 2 is words of affirmation - for sure. He thrives on that.

    L I really do not know. It's so difficult when you child is neuro typical. I keep thinking I have it and then I don't. Maybe as he gets older? He does love rewards of some sort and are always very upset if someone gets a prize or something and he not.

  3. Your photos are so very good. All three my kids were way different from each other.

  4. This could have been your Saturday snapshot post! Connor is such a gorgeous fella! Looks like a G.A.P model in that first picture

    Yeeeeessssss I got my hug from K too

    1. True! There's a LOT of blue around these parts. I said to D, "our house feels out because it doesn't have any blue" but I'm feeling a bit of a craving to shake things up, house-wise. I desperately want a deck at the back - I just have to find someone to build it!

  5. Lovely photos... :-)

    Mmm...I think Nicola's changes all the time, can't really say that I can nail one or two down for sure at this stage. I kind of have to cover all my bases or there's hell to pay - quality time is definitely in there too though.

  6. I haven't done an assessment for Kade yet cos the website states from 5 onwards, but Kade loves spending time with me and I also see that his little face lights up when I use words of affirmation with him.



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